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On May 7, 2009, abs-ps Market Overview everywhere

ABS market dynamics:

the offer of Dongguan ABS market was adjusted in a narrow range. There were not many sources of imported materials, the transaction was general, and the market atmosphere improved slightly. Downstream users continue to wait and see, the overall supply of goods is basically normal, and the demand of end users is weak

some quotations in Shanghai ABS market fell slightly. The trading volume is scarce, the mentality of operators is weak, and the terminal demand is weak. 0215a quoted 11500 yuan/ton tax free, 121h Ning quoted 11600 yuan/ton tax free

the quotation of domestic materials in Shunde ABS market decreased slightly by 100 yuan/ton, and the price of a few imported materials increased slightly. The transaction is weak, the overall supply is normal, and buyers continue to wait and see the market. After the warranty period of the terminal, the user demand is weak and the purchase intention is light

the ABS market in Ningbo declined slightly, and some prices fell by about yuan/ton, resulting in poor transactions. Traders' mentality is weak, and the overall supply of goods is normal. The enthusiasm of downstream procurement is low, and the operating rate is not high. 0215a quotation without tax is yuan/ton, 15a1 quotation without tax is yuan/ton

apart from ixsenic technology, P otherwise disassemble the dial glass to adjust the active needle to reach the above position s market dynamics:

the market fluctuation of Dongguan PS market today. Some benzene permeable materials rose, with varying ranges, yuan/ton. The trend of some modified benzene materials declined, with a range of about 100 yuan/ton. Affected by the rising trend of crude oil and styrene, the mentality of merchants in PS market is stable, and there are a few transactions in the market at present. End buyers are mainly on demand

Shunde P is the highest output pressure rating of collet controller. S market was slightly up and down in the morning. The supply of goods was basically normal. Affected by the surge in crude oil, the mentality of market merchants was slightly boosted and their interest in trading increased. At present, there are sporadic transactions in the market. The demand of end buyers is still weak, mainly on demand. Guangzhou 525 tax-free quotation increased by 100 yuan to 7800 yuan/ton, and 660 tax-free quotation fell by 100 yuan/ton. Zhenjiang Qimei pg33 has no tax declaration of 8200 yuan/ton, and ph88 has no tax declaration of 9500 yuan/ton

at present, there are sporadic transactions in Shantou's PS market, mainly changing hands. Businessmen's mentality improved and their enthusiasm for trading increased. The demand of downstream buyers is weak, so buy as you use. 118 no tax declaration 7950 yuan/ton, 127 no tax declaration yuan/ton, Fangxing 635 no tax declaration 7700 yuan/ton

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