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On May 27, 2009, abs-ps Market Overview everywhere

ABS market dynamics can be tested for the next time:

ABS quotation in Dongguan market is basically stable, merchants follow the market, and transactions are light. Downstream users mostly wait and see, and the demand of end users is weak. 8. Result comparison: multiple experimental characteristic curves can be superimposed, reproduced, amplified and displayed with different colors, and a group of samples can be analyzed and compared;. Jilin Petrochemical 0215a reported no tax of 10650 yuan/ton, down 30 yuan/ton

Shunde ABS market is basically stable, market sentiment is thin, transactions continue to be light, the overall mentality is weak, and it has efficient conductivity and thermal conductivity, with sufficient supply of goods. The demand of end users is weak and the purchase volume is small. Ningbo Taihua 15a1 has no tax declaration of 10800 yuan/ton, and Changzhou Xinhu ac800 has no tax declaration of 10850 yuan/ton

the offer of Yuyao ABS market declined slightly by yuan/ton. The transaction atmosphere is light, most of the supply is sufficient, and the actual shipment of merchants can be negotiated. Terminal demand is weak. The quotation excluding tax of 0215a is 11400 yuan/ton, and the quotation excluding tax of 15a1 Formosa chemical is 11300 yuan/ton

PS market dynamics:

Shunde PS market atmosphere was quiet, with a narrow decline of yuan/ton. The market supply is normal, and the purchase of end buyers is scarce. The holiday is around the corner, coupled with the continuous decline in demand, the market merchants have low interest in trading, and the hype enthusiasm is not high. Guangzhou 525 no tax declaration 7850 yuan/ton, 660 no tax declaration 8750 yuan/ton common fault 2:

the general market of Dongguan PS market fell in a narrow range, about 50 yuan/ton. The market supply is normal, and downstream factories buy as they use, with a small amount of actual shipments. The business mentality is general, the hype enthusiasm before the holiday is not high, and the shipment intention is strong

Shantou PS market offers a narrow downward range of yuan/ton. The market atmosphere was quiet and the shipment was cold. Businessmen are pessimistic and have little interest in trading. The terminal factory purchases as soon as it is used, and the purchase enthusiasm is not high. 118 tax free 7900 yuan/ton, 127 tax free yuan/ton

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