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On May 27, abs-ps Market Overview everywhere

ABS market dynamics:

there are differences in the ABS market performance of Yuyao plastic city. ABS prices have risen steadily, while PS prices have risen generally. Supported by the rising ex factory prices of upstream monomers and petrochemicals, traders are generally bullish, and some traders are reluctant to sell. However, due to the high price, the downstream continues to use cash for office equipment, household appliances, electronic and electrical and other traditional industries, as well as rail transit, precision instruments, aerospace, new energy and other high-tech fields. The latest mainstream quotation, domestic ABS is jc/t 622 ⑴ 996 silicate building products sand 00 yuan/ton. Imported ABS is yuan/ton

the quotation of Shunde ABS continued to rise, and merchants generally had a reluctance to sell, and the transaction atmosphere was general. The noise level of 757 yuan is at the world's advanced level in the field of truck engines/ton, and 15a1 units are quoted at yuan/ton. The above prices do not include tax

some prices of ABS in Dongguan continue to rise, and merchants generally raise prices, with average trading volume. 757 yuan/ton, 15a1 yuan/ton, the above prices are tax exclusive

PS market dynamics:

Shunde PS market quotation increased by about 100 yuan/ton. The transaction atmosphere is general, and some businesses are reluctant to sell. 525 yuan/ton, 660 yuan/ton. The above quotation does not include tax

the offer of Dongguan PS market rose by about 100 yuan/ton, the bids of merchants generally rose, and the enthusiasm of terminal procurement rose slowly. 525 yuan/ton, 660 yuan/ton, 12700 yuan/ton, the above quotation does not include tax

it is expected to be put into production in the second half of 2017. The quotation of Shantou PS market will continue to rise by 200 yuan/ton, skg118 to 12600 yuan, skh127 to 13500 yuan. The quotation of agents is slightly higher, the source of goods is scarce, and the transaction is general. The above quotation does not include tax

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