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On May 5, abs-ps Market Overview everywhere

ABS market dynamics:

the quotation of some imported materials in Dongguan ABS market rose slightly, and the transaction was general. There is a strong wait-and-see in the downstream, most of the supply of goods is normal, and the demand of end users is weak. If the test object breaks down or generates high-voltage lead to ground discharge during the experiment, Zhenjiang Qimei 707k has no tax return of 11200 yuan/ton

Shunde ABS market quotation fluctuated in a narrow range. The transaction is weak, the overall supply is normal, and the business mentality is poor. The demand of end users is weak, and the purchase intention is light. Zhenjiang Qimei 757K tax free declaration 11300 yuan/ton

Shantou ABS market quotation is basically stable, the transaction is light, and the actual transaction has a small margin of profit. The overall supply is general, and the end users are mostly on the sidelines. 0215a and 750A are both quoted at 11000 yuan/ton, and 757K and D180 are both quoted at 11200 yuan/ton

the first-hand negotiation offer in Shenzhen ABS market fell by 100 yuan/ton, the transaction was depressed, and some parts were expected to have a small negotiation space. The overall supply is normal, and the terminal demand is weak. 121h Ning's quotation without tax is 11800 yuan/ton, and 15a1 Ning's quotation without tax is 11600 yuan/ton

ps market dynamics:

the offer of Dongguan PS market fell slightly, about yuan/ton. At present, the supply of goods is relatively small, but the transaction is still cold. The market merchants have a general mentality and are cautious in trading. 4. The plastic tensile machine cannot be dismantled or disassembled at will. The buyer at the end of use can buy it as soon as it is used. Test method for tensile strength of metal coating: the overall delivery volume is not large. The above quotation does not include tax

some brands in Shunde PS market declined slightly, with a range of about 100 yuan/ton. Guangzhou reported 525 yuan/ton, 660 yuan/ton. Zhanjiang 525 reported 7800 yuan/ton. Zhenjiang Qimei reported 8400 yuan/ton for pg33 and 9800 yuan/ton for ph88. It is reported that there are a few transactions in the market. The sales mentality of market merchants is still poor, and they lack confidence in the future market. At present, the supply level of the market is general, and the demand of downstream factories is still relatively low, mainly on demand. The above quotation does not include tax

the supply level of PS market in Shenzhen was normal, and the offer of some brands fell slightly by 100 yuan. Guangzhou reported 7800 yuan/ton for 525 and 9000 yuan/ton for 660. 118 smoothly reported 7800 yuan/ton, 127 yuan/ton, and there were sporadic transactions in the market. The mentality of the merchants is poor, and the trading of carbon fiber composite materials for vehicles, which has attracted much attention, is cautious, mainly for clearance and cash out. The demand of downstream buyers is still tepid, and procurement is scarce. The above quotation does not include tax

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