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Lovol promotes the transformation and upgrading of agricultural mechanization and helps Rural Revitalization in Shandong Province. Lovol promotes the transformation and upgrading of agricultural mechanization and helps Rural Revitalization in Shandong Province. China Construction Machinery Information implements the Rural Revitalization Strategy, with the overall goal of agricultural and rural modernization. To realize agricultural and rural modernization, agricultural mechanization is an insurmountable process

"agricultural mechanization is an important support for Rural Revitalization. As a leading enterprise of domestic agricultural equipment, we continue to make up for our shortcomings, change from providing a single agricultural machinery product in the past to providing an overall solution for modern agriculture, solve the problems of who grows the land, how to grow the land, and how to grow the land well, and help Shandong build a Qilu model for Rural Revitalization." LOVOL Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. 6. Said Liang Qirong, Secretary of the Party committee of beverage packaging tightening/bursting strength test Co., Ltd

Arbos tractor operation

4 billion yuan in 10 years, promoting agricultural machinery products to move towards the middle and high end

in recent years, China's agriculture is transforming from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture, and the demand for mechanization and intelligence is becoming increasingly prominent. This is both an opportunity and a challenge for domestic agricultural equipment enterprises. Although China's agricultural equipment industry has achieved rapid development, there is still a big bottleneck in the field of high-end agricultural machinery and equipment compared with international leading enterprises

in Liang Qirong's view, the lack of key core technologies and the weak ability of scientific and technological innovation are the main bottlenecks restricting the "from big to strong" of China's agricultural machinery manufacturing. More efficient and intelligent is the future development direction of China's agricultural machinery

busy tractor production line

"to this end, Lovol heavy industries takes the breakthrough of core technology as the driving force for the sustainable development of the enterprise, and will spend 3% - 5% of its sales revenue as R & D and innovation funds every year. Since 2010, it has invested nearly 4billion yuan in R & D." Liang Qirong told Lovol heavy industries that it has successively carried out the research and development of a number of domestic blank and international advanced agricultural machinery and equipment, such as "power shift tractors, high-performance large combine harvesters and high-end intelligent agricultural machines and tools", and achieved breakthroughs in a large number of key and bottleneck technologies such as power shift, changing the situation that the core technology in the field of domestic high-end agricultural equipment has been monopolized by foreign countries for a long time

after 20 years of deep cultivation in the agricultural machinery industry, Lovol heavy industry has a keen insight into the development of the industry, and began to layout intelligent agricultural machinery and intelligent agriculture as early as 2012. In recent years, it has successively reached cooperation with IBM, Baidu, topcom, Sinochem agriculture and other industry giants to jointly promote the development of domestic precision agriculture, and released the first intelligent agricultural solution (ifarming) in the agricultural machinery industry, which integrates information technology with agricultural production, and realizes integration and interconnection by relying on interconnection, IOT and big data, from tillage, sowing, plant protection, harvest to grain drying

Lovol Arbos driverless self-propelled boom spray on-site operation

at present, in addition to its Lovol harvesting machinery, tractors and other businesses continue to lead, Lovol heavy industry is currently the only independent brand in China that provides full mechanized solutions in the whole process of agricultural "farming", "planting", "management", "collection", "storage" and "transportation". Relevant data show that at present, Lovol products contribute more than 60% to China's wheat machine harvest, more than 20% to rice machine harvest, 30% to corn machine harvest, and more than 40% to the comprehensive contribution of farming harvest

during the "three summer" period in 2019, the harvester with automatic navigation and driving system was unveiled for the first time and carried out driverless operation, which opened the "three summer" whole process "unmanned" operation mode. The promotion and application of Lovol driverless agricultural machinery led to the re upgrading of the product platform of China's agricultural machinery industry, led China's agricultural machinery to move towards intellectualization, and provided strong scientific and technological support for Rural Revitalization

Lovol Ceres harvester operation

an annual subsidy of 1billion yuan to promote the comprehensive transformation of Agricultural Mechanization in Shandong

Shandong is a large province of agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing and application. At present, Shandong Agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing products cover all 7 categories and more than 3500 varieties. It has a number of well-known brands such as Lovol heavy industry, Wuzheng, Shifeng, etc. its products are sold to more than 120 countries and regions, and the output value of agricultural machinery and equipment accounts for about 1/4 of the country. The total power of agricultural machinery in the province reached 104million kW, accounting for 1/10 of the country; The comprehensive mechanization rate of cultivation and harvest of major crops reached 86.53%, nearly 20 percentage points higher than the national average. Shandong agricultural production has entered a new period of machine replacement

as Shandong enters an important stage of thoroughly implementing the Rural Revitalization Strategy and accelerating the modernization of agriculture and rural areas, new and higher requirements are put forward for agricultural mechanization. To this end, Shandong formulated and launched the "Implementation Opinions on accelerating the transformation and upgrading of agricultural mechanization and agricultural machinery equipment industry" this year, specifying that more than 1 billion funds will be allocated each year to subsidize advanced and efficient equipment, promote the transformation and upgrading of agricultural mechanization and high-quality development in Shandong Province, and speed up the Rural Revitalization of Qilu model

According to statistics, Shandong Province has invested a total of 300million yuan in special funds in the four years from 2015 to 2018, stimulating enterprises to invest more than 400million yuan in R & D. Yantai, Weifang, Linyi and other cities have also arranged funds to support the R & D and innovation of agricultural machinery. This year, Shandong province further increased its support for agricultural machinery science and technology innovation, took intelligent agricultural machinery and equipment as an important part of the top ten industries for the transformation of new and old kinetic energy in Shandong Province, included the R & D and innovation of agricultural machinery and equipment in major agricultural application technology innovation projects, and vigorously promoted the development of agricultural mechanization with "two complete and two high"

at present, Shandong has started to implement the transformation and upgrading project of modern agricultural mechanization, popularized advanced, applicable, green, ecological, intelligent and efficient agricultural machinery equipment and technology, vigorously promoted the service mode of order operation, scale operation and "Internet + agricultural machinery operation", and popularized and applied the two "one-stop" operation services of wheat harvest, straw returning to the field, corn sowing and corn harvest, straw returning to the field and wheat no till sowing, Actively promoted the development of the "full mechanization + integrated farming" service center, effectively strengthened the application training of advanced and practical agricultural mechanization technology, and comprehensively improved the application and development level of agricultural mechanization

Lovol Ceres driverless wheat machine master-slave navigation system harvest and unloading field operation

China's agricultural machinery sees Shandong, Shandong Agricultural Machinery sees Weifang. Taking Weifang, which enjoys the reputation of "China's Agricultural Machinery City" and "China's capital of agricultural machinery", as an example, with the help of the provincial agricultural machinery equipment R & D innovation plan project, Weifang adheres to the production, study and research promotion, agricultural machinery and agronomy, original innovation and introduction and digestion, but in fact, the experimental boxes that are not all high-priced are all high-quality experimental boxes, focusing on key links and weak bottlenecks, and increasing project, capital and technology investment, Encourage the integration of agricultural machinery enterprises with family farms and Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives, support Lovol heavy industry to build "Lovol demonstration farms", seek benefits from industrial integration, lead and promote the supply side structural reform of agricultural mechanization, and help rural revitalization

the total annual income of users from agricultural machinery operations exceeds 35billion yuan, and "new farmers" become occupations

in Lovol heavy industry, agricultural mechanization helps Rural Revitalization and helps farmers become rich, which is not just a simple policy planning, but a real "way to get rich"

since 2013, the "Lovol Ceres wealth creation index" over the years shows that in terms of operating income, the income of a Lovol Ceres wheat machine in the summer harvest operating season of about one month each year is 10000 yuan. Although the working environment is "blue collar environment", the income of new farmers born of agricultural machinery is no less than that of white-collar workers with the support of national policies. In terms of agricultural machinery wealth creation, in recent years, Lovol users' annual total income from agricultural machinery operations has exceeded 35billion yuan, and the net income has exceeded 20billion yuan

As an important tool to create wealth in the process of agricultural modernization, agricultural machinery not only effectively drives farmers to increase income, get rid of poverty and get rich, helps farmers become rich, but also makes farmers become an attractive occupation. The former "farmers" who faced the Loess and turned their backs to the sky gradually completed the transformation from "identity" to "occupation"

Wang Jin, director of the hydraulic and electrical control center of Lovol Arbos Institute of technology, told: "in the future, 'farmer' will become an attractive profession. People who engage in this profession go to the office in the morning, just open the monitoring platform and issue work tasks to the agricultural machinery, and the agricultural machinery will come out of the garage by itself and complete the day's work according to the program settings."

Lovol opal driverless tractor towing rotary cultivator for tillage operation

technical escort, the future is expected. At the Lovol apos smart demonstration farm, we observed the Lovol big data platform and the full mechanized driverless operation demonstration of the smart demonstration farm. The Lovol apos driverless self-propelled spray bar spray was seen to carry out plant protection operations, followed by the Lovol opal driverless tractor with master-slave navigation function to pull the rotary cultivator to carry out tillage operations on the land, and then the Lovol Ceres driverless wheat machine was demonstrated by the master-slave navigation system to harvest and unload grain. From plant protection to tillage and finishing to harvesting, the whole process of unmanned operation, "unmanned farm" has become a reality, which is praised and applauded. At the same time, the whole process of agricultural equipment operation can be viewed in real time through the display screen of the national agricultural machinery big data center

Arbos tractor

intelligent demonstration farm, which is carrying out automatic navigation and driving operation, provides a new model of large-scale, standardized and industrialized development for agricultural production through perfect intelligent operation mode, data acquisition and management, which represents the direction of modern agricultural development, the direction of agricultural mechanization transformation and upgrading, and provides a strong scientific and technological support for Rural Revitalization


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