The hottest Lovol opal three horsepower tractors a

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Lovol opal three horsepower tractors are delivered to users on time

Lovol opal three horsepower tractors are delivered to users on time

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on August 15, the demand order for Lovol new oubao tractor submitted by Jiangsu Lianyungang Ganyu agricultural machinery company arrived on time. As soon as the logistics vehicle carrying Lovol new leopard arrived in Lianyungang, the salesperson immediately informed the head of the cooperative who ordered the car. President Li of the cooperative, who received it, drove with the members to the agricultural machinery company that afternoon. The technology of ID card, bank card and other materials may also be applied to the future moon and Mars exploration missions. It should be complete, just waiting for the arrival of Lovol new leopard

Lovol opal's three high-power tractors were delivered to users on time

at 5:30 p.m. on this basis, the logistics vehicle carrying Lovol new opal entered the compound of Ganyu agricultural machinery company on time. Excited Lao Li and the salesperson worked together to unload the vehicle, listened to the crisp sound of Lovol opal lighting, and looked at the beautiful new appearance of Lovol opal. Lao Li couldn't bear the joy in his heart, and rushed forward to the driver's seat first

"the sound of Guosan engine is good and crisp! It's easy to step on the clutch! It's neat to shift!" Lao Li stepped on the clutch gear and felt the "new" of Lovol new leopard

during the chat, the author learned that Lao Li Ding's Lovol new oubao tractor was placed an order in Ganyu agricultural machinery company seven days ago. According to the order management system of Lovol Arbos group, after the dealer's order is submitted, the enterprise will complete the order confirmation within the specified time limit, produce and ship it in place. "The original waiting time for tractors is long, and it will be longer if there are special configuration requirements. This problem has been solved since we used the order management system of Lovol Arbos group. As long as we select the appropriate configuration in the product configuration table and submit the order plan on time as required, the manufacturer will deliver the products within the specified time, and the overall delivery speed is more than 20% higher than the original. The user is very satisfied, and the key is not to Delay the agricultural time! " The salesperson of the agricultural machinery company said

it is understood that since Lovol Arbos group introduced the order management system, all links related to products have been fully coordinated and coordinated, which has greatly improved the delivery efficiency and quality of products. Visual management has been realized in the whole process from the creation of orders by dealers according to customer needs to the review of orders by regional marketing departments, to the review and locking of factory orders, the preparation of pre production parts, production warehousing, to the delivery and shipment of products to the dealers. Generally speaking, after the marketing company locks the order, the production status of the products can be queried in real time. The whole product creation and delivery process is simple, clear, fast and efficient

with the promotion of land circulation and intensification, the research on experimental machines by new business entities such as agricultural planting cooperatives and Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives has been very deep, and the scale has increased year by year, and has gradually become the main body of agricultural machinery demand. It is expected that by 2020, the structural proportion of major customers such as agricultural machinery cooperatives and planting cooperatives will reach 70%. "Create a new marketing model with order management as the main line, improve customer satisfaction in an all-round way from customer demand research, order acquisition, order creation, order delivery to service support, and provide customers with mechanized solutions for the whole process of agricultural production, such as farming, planting, management, harvesting, straw treatment, drying, etc., so as to create maximum value for customers." Said Wang Yurong, general manager of Lovol Arbos group

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