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Lovol's service for late night repair is just a promise

there is a group of people who work every day to serve customers in need all over the country, all the time, and tirelessly to apply for 67 patents. They are ordinary service providers, and their work is ordinary and fulfilling; They serve the market. They are absolutely turned on 24 hours a day. No matter day or night, wind or rain, they are on call. As always, they have no complaints. They are Revo Arbos service engineers

recently, there was a snow in hargai area of Qinghai Province. Master Li, the user, was anxious to work. Due to the cold weather, the engine pulley stuck in the middle of the work. Master li himself did not solve the problem after some inspection. At 6 p.m., Master Li called the local maintenance service and received a repair report, Our resident service engineer Zhang letao and intern college student Chen Zengliang immediately drove to the location of the vehicle failure. Because it had just snowed and the road was frozen, the vehicle was driving very slowly on the road. When they found the customer, Master Li, it was close to 9 p.m. After Zhang letao had a simple understanding of some vehicle faults, he and his colleagues carried out a comprehensive fault diagnosis of the vehicle. After half an hour of careful troubleshooting, while China International Rubber and plastic exhibition opened the Asian market platform, and the fault problem was finally found

at night, the temperature was close to minus four or five degrees Celsius. In order not to delay the work of users, Zhang letao and Chen Zengliang did not slow down the maintenance speed because of the cold weather. After more than five hours of rush repair, the vehicle was working normally until 2 a.m. the next day. Zhang letao did not rush to close the problem. Instead, they drove the tractor in person and delivered it to the customer after passing the short-distance test drive inspection, In addition, the users were briefly trained on vehicle maintenance and precautions for work in harsh environments. "Although it was cold and tired, seeing the user's heartfelt smile and getting the user's affirmation, I felt not cold at all. I felt very relieved that everything I paid to shut down the host was worth it..." Chen Zengliang recalled

"Lovol serves you wholeheartedly". With the back of the rescue vehicle gone, this unchanging commitment has been deeply branded in the heart of the customer, Master Li. They have won the recognition of customers with sincerity, carefulness and service, and established a good brand image in the eyes of customers

the relative error of friendship is changed accordingly

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