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Lovol auger: "breaking mountains and breaking rocks" exhibition my unique style

Lovol auger: "breaking mountains and breaking rocks" exhibition my unique style

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Guide: Dali, Yunnan, a tourist attraction in the southwest region. In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people come to Dali for tourism. Sometimes several experimental films of the ancient city railway are made into a set of experiments to carry out intensity tests. Road traffic is becoming more and more stretched. To get rich, first build roads. Huang Yaohui, a native of Dali, felt the great development of the ancient city

Dali, Yunnan, is a tourist attraction in Southwest China. In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people come to Dali for tourism, and the railway and highway transportation in the ancient city is becoming more and more stretched. "To get rich, build roads first". Huang Yaohui, a native of Dali, felt the signal of the great development of the ancient city, so he established his own rotary drilling rig construction team in 2009. So far, he has owned 7 rotary drilling rigs, including 2 Lovol rotary drilling rigs, which has become a banner of the civil construction industry in Dali

Lao Huang said that in the early stage of entrepreneurship, his company was mainly engaged in municipal engineering construction, with little business and barely maintained its operation. Now think about it, a large part of the reason lies in Dali's mountainous terrain and local hard rock strata. Sometimes a rotary drill can only drive twoorthree piles a day. It was not until later that I heard from my friend that Lovol rotary drill had strong rock entry ability and stability, so that I could avoid being affected by the experiment. It was good, so I bought two Lovol rotary drills with others with the mentality of breaking the boat. Lao Huang recalled the situation at that time, and still had lingering fears: "if it weren't for the excellent quality and good service of the two Lovol rotary drilling rigs, I would really be in trouble. If I couldn't deliver the project on time, the workers' wages would not be paid. Plus the liquidated damages, it's estimated that I wouldn't be able to do this business again."

Lovol rotary drill fighting in the front line

that year, master Ma, a service staff of Lovol rotary drill in Yunnan, came to Lao Huang's construction site to prepare for the daily maintenance of his two Lovol fr628d rotary drills within 1000 hours. Master Ma came to the operation site and found that Lei, who was supposed to be busy, stopped there quietly by replacing the pendulum and sample base, so he asked Lao Huang what happened. Huang Yaohui said, "it's not. They couldn't handle a difficult pile, so they let my Lovol rotary drill on it. But I didn't expect that our LOVOL King Kong didn't seem to be able to move." After investigating the site conditions, master Ma judged that granite was encountered, but with the performance of Lovol fr628d rotary drill, it should be able to break through. But Lao Huang's machine operators are all newcomers, afraid of being accidentally punched into waste holes. Master Ma discussed with Lao Huang, "our service team members of Lovol rotary drill have received strict machine operation skills and professional construction method training. Why don't I try it? I can't let you waste it in vain." Lao Huang agreed with the idea of trying. Master Ma took a deep breath and started Lovol fr628d rotary drill, launching a "challenge" towards this pile. As the bit drops bit by bit, the drill teeth begin to contact the rock, and the tough Lovol rotary drill seems to be wrestling with the hard rock. With years of experience and understanding of Lovol rotary drill, master Ma captured the best drilling angle and timing, and resolutely began drilling. As the roaring drilling sound gradually decreased, Lovol fr628d rotary drill slowly drilled through the big stone

Lao Huang's face was filled with joy and surprise: "the performance of Lovol rotary drill is really excellent. However, the skills of our Lovol service team members are really amazing. Ma, if there are these troublesome piles in the future, I'll ask you to help me!"

at the end of the interview, Lao Huang sighed: "I have used Lovol's rotary drill for threeorfour years. I drive them every day to break mountains and rocks. Every time I encounter difficult piles, Lovol's service personnel come to help me solve them. In Dali, my Lovol rotary drill and I are a little famous."

now, Huang Yaohui has begun to enter the field of industry, commerce, high-rise housing and other leading industries. More and more impact testing machines have been developed one after another, and the projects are one after another, "it's my Lovol drill to 'break mountains and rocks' and show my style"

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