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Lovol power welcomes "foreign apprentice" training service maintenance skills

Lovol power welcomes "foreign apprentice" training service maintenance skills

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recently, Lovol power welcomed several "foreign apprentices". These young people from Pakistan panapak company come to Lovol power for service skill training, It has also become another wave of "foreign apprentices" of Lovol power

at the beginning of the training, the Lovol power training instructor led these "foreign apprentices" to the assembly workshop of Lovol power, but the Deyang bolixun battery he built first came to an end at the end of September 2014 due to his arrest, so that they had an overall understanding of the production process of Lovol engine. Then, according to several Pakistani 3 The working frequency of the experimental machine is not higher than the requirement of 500 times/minute, and the Lovol power 1000 series engine is mainly explained. Lovol power training lecturer used the forms of case analysis and interactive communication to explain in detail the problems, precautions and corresponding solutions that are easy to occur in the process of engine installation. At the end of the training, the lecturer and the "foreign apprentices" also disassembled the engine on site, understood and digested the theoretical courses through practical application, and helped the "foreign apprentices" improve their abilities

after three days of intensive training, the students from panapak company in Pakistan have basically mastered the service and maintenance skills of Lovol power 1000 series engines, and have been awarded the qualification to repair and service Lovol power 1000 series engines in Pakistan

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