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Lovol commonweal launched the "June 1" targeted poverty alleviation and assistance activities

Lovol commonweal launched the "June 1" targeted poverty alleviation and assistance activities

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during the "June 1" children's day, Lovol heavy industry actively responded to the call of the Shandong Provincial Agricultural Machinery Bureau for targeted poverty alleviation action, and entered Cao County, Shandong Province for four times, for caikou village primary school, zhuangzhai Town, Cao County The warranty period of 30 Jinan Ruima electronic universal experimental machine donated by Zhifang village primary school is two years, that is, from the date of acceptance, calculate a computer, set up a computer classroom, improve the teaching conditions of 70.48 million tons and 75.81 million tons of waste recycling in corresponding countries, harvest wheat for poor families free during the festival, and spend an unforgettable "June 1st" children's day with children, so that children can be happy during the festival Feel the love of family and harvest the fun of growth

this charity donation is the continuation of the public welfare activities of Lovol public welfare Shandong station, which has been carried out for 4 consecutive years. Leaders of Shandong Agricultural Machinery Bureau and Lovol heavy industry delivered a speech at the short ceremony. They hoped that the children would grow up healthily and healthily with the care of all sectors of society and the hard education of teachers, and encouraged everyone to study hard, return to the motherland and be grateful to the society when they grow up. At the same time, we also hope that all sectors of society will pay more attention to children, offer sincere love, and extend warm hands to help poor households

during the "June 1st" children's day, the children of caikou village primary school and Zhifang Village Primary School in zhuangzhai Town, Cao county received a special gift from Lovol heavy industries - 30 computers, in order to enrich the teaching equipment of these two primary schools, improve the school running conditions, and promote the development of education in Cao county. The person in charge of caikou village primary school told that the school has poor school running conditions, lacks basic education equipment, and has no independent computer classroom, so it is unable to carry out relevant courses. This donation basically solved the problem of school equipment, and the children can finally use the computer classroom to carry out relevant courses

Shandong Agricultural Machinery Bureau actively called on agricultural machinery enterprises in the province to help poor areas, especially poor children's families, and provide them with "priority, high-quality and preferential" mechanized operation services, which has received a positive response from Lovol heavy industry, the largest agricultural equipment manufacturing enterprise in China. Lovol heavy industries established Lovol's public welfare and caring machine harvesting operation team to actively explore the new poverty alleviation model of "agricultural equipment + poor households", carry out targeted poverty alleviation work, provide free assistance with modern agricultural equipment for poor objects, improve the efficiency of farmers' cultivated land and farming, and solve the problem of "no one farming, how to farm" in rural areas

the "June 1st" International Children's Day coincides with the summer wheat harvest period. Due to the lack of labor, the tense farming season and the changeable weather conditions, the wheat harvest has become a major problem for poor families. In response to the practical problems, Lovol heavy industry again sent a "love machine harvest team" to Cao County, Shandong Province this year to provide free wheat harvest services for some poor families and help poor families solve the problems caused by the lack of labor The wheat harvest problem caused by the tense farming season and changeable weather conditions is also a "June day" gift for poor children's families

it is understood that at the wheat harvest service launch ceremony in 2013, Lovol heavy industries set up the first domestic caring machine harvest operation team, which officially embarked on the national public welfare campaign with the full implementation of summer harvest in the main wheat producing areas of the country. In 2016, the consumption of aluminum alloy auto panels in China was only 72000 tons. Up to now, the cost of degradable substitutes has been high in Shandong, Henan, Anhui and other places for five consecutive years, providing caring machine harvesting services for some families of left behind children, and harvesting more than 10000 mu of grain crops such as wheat for free

in the process of carrying out public welfare activities, Lovol heavy industry actively gives full play to the advantages of industrial resources, innovates a new model of rural poverty alleviation, pays equal attention to "blood transfusion" and "hematopoiesis", and through the implementation of a series of targeted poverty alleviation activities, helps and drives poor areas to get rid of poverty and become rich, and promotes the development of industrial public welfare. In 2016, Lovol commonweal also followed the development trend of Internet rapid development and tried and explored "online micro commonweal". In addition, Lovol public welfare can be seen everywhere at the scene of earthquakes, debris flow disasters, ice and snow floods

Lovol public welfare has gone through six years. In the past six years, through a series of corporate social practices such as "Lovol commonweal • care for left behind Children program, Lovol industrial commonweal targeted poverty alleviation, online commonweal", Lovol commonweal has benefited more than 100000 people in agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and Lovol commonweal has also developed into a leading public brand in the machinery and equipment manufacturing industry

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