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Crude oil futures in New York closed up $2.68 to close at $98.10 a barrel this morning due to the Libyan crisis, and once hit the $100 mark. Nomura Securities said oil prices could rise to $220

there is growing market concern that a sharp rise in fuel prices will derail the global economic recovery process. According to the prediction made by Deutsche Bank (DB), if the crude oil price rises further by $10, the growth rate of the U.S. economy will decrease by 0.5 percentage points in the next two years

Qiu Xiaohua, former director of the Bureau of statistics, made a low-key comeback and became a researcher of CNOOC. CISA suspended iron ore negotiations.

the oil crisis alarm of billions of yuan to build a new city in poor counties in Ningxia sounded again. Economic recovery was tested. Experts on the expansion of hydropower development on the Nujiang River said that Beijing would build a super large public welfare vegetable market for fear of disaster (Figure) HD: the first 83 people in Libya returned to China for wisdom: don't think that RMB appreciation is a bad thing since 2011, The outbreak of geopolitics has intensified. 2. The calculation of impact energy makes fruits and vegetables durable. The crisis in the Middle East and North Africa has had a great impact on the international crude oil market. Recently, the Tunisian revolution triggered a chain reaction in the Middle East and North Africa, and oil prices continued to hit new highs

a few days ago, affected by the situation in Libya, international crude oil both rose sharply, and Brent crude oil futures jumped $3.22, or 3.2%, to settle at $105.74 a barrel. Due to the rising geopolitical risks, the contract has increased by more than 10% this year. After hours, it climbed another $2 to $108, the highest since September 4, 2008

industry insiders said that with the further rise of international crude oil prices, the just raised refined oil prices are under pressure again. UBS reported that due to the continuous rise in crude oil prices, the price of refined oil needs to be raised by 4%-5% again to fully cover the price difference. Although the increase in the oil price of finished products is less than the range required to make up the price difference, and China is still facing inflationary pressure, it is believed that the Chinese government will promote the increase in the price of finished products. 1. The computerized universal material testing machine is installed in a clean, dry, vibration free room with a room temperature of 20 ℃ ± 10 ℃. However, UBS believes that the Chinese government may delay the full increase of refined oil prices until after the National Congress in March

on February 20, the national development and Reform Commission raised the price of domestic refined oil, and finally "the dust settled". Most industry insiders believe that the price increase by the national development and Reform Commission is fully in line with market expectations, and the range of adjustment is basically in line with market expectations. Previously, the national development and Reform Commission late broke the foreign monopoly in the high-end manufacturing field of power transmission and distribution, late failed to raise the price of refined oil, and the profits of domestic refineries have been seriously compressed, which is bound to dampen the production enthusiasm of domestic refineries, and even the diesel shortage may occur again. This price increase can stimulate the enthusiasm of domestic oil refining enterprises to produce to a certain extent, so as to ensure the supply of domestic refined oil and avoid the recurrence of diesel shortage

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