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The international oil price fluctuated and fell. This round of price adjustment of refined oil may fail

recently, although the crude oil change rate recalculated in this round of pricing cycle rose to 1.16% on the first working day, the international crude oil showed a volatile downward trend last week, and the crude oil change rate began to enter the downward channel. The current H3PO4 iron Li material is limited by the theoretical specific capacity and cannot meet the requirements of 2020. If the crude oil continues the current volatile downward trend this week, the crude oil change rate may continue to decline. According to the relevant provisions of the current refined oil pricing mechanism, this round of price adjustment by the National Development and Reform Commission may be stranded. Fengyingying, refined oil analyst of zhuochuang information, said

it is worth noting that although the last price adjustment by the national development and Reform Commission was the largest since the implementation of the new pricing mechanism, the domestic gasoline and diesel terminal demand has been very low due to the slowdown of domestic economic growth and the large-scale rainfall weather in the details of the flexural strength test of concrete blocks across the country. It is understood that recently, diesel oil in East China and some parts of North China has begun to carry out price reduction and promotion, with an average decline of yuan/ton. The response in Southwest China is slower, and it is estimated that it will also fall later. Feng Yingying said

for the future, she believes that although the summer fishing moratorium in 2013 will end in August, the increase in fishery oil will boost diesel sales, and the continuous high temperature in various regions will also increase the oil for vehicle air conditioning, and the terminal demand for domestic refined oil will increase in August. However, as the trend of domestic refined oil market is greatly affected by crude oil, it is expected that the price of domestic main gasoline and diesel will still fall slightly in the short term

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