The hottest international oil price continued to f

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The international oil price continued to fall on the 19th. The New York market closed at 94 a barrel. The purity of aluminum in the copper aluminum transition terminals of various brands used in the current market can only reach 99.5% (Note: generally, the purity of electrical aluminum is above 99.7%)

the international oil price continued to fall on the 19th. The New York market closed at 94 a barrel. Jiangsu Jinfa Technology Co., Ltd. due to the strong professionalism of products and customers 48 US dollars

August 20, 2014

[China paint information] despite the tense situation in Iraq and Ukraine, investors' concerns about supply eased, and international oil prices continued to fall on the 19th

the counter attack launched by the Iraqi security forces on the 19th day of Tikrit was strongly resisted by the rebels, and the government forces had to suspend the attack. At present, the tension in Iraq is mainly concentrated in the north, and the oil producing areas in the South have not been greatly affected. Iraqi government forces and Kurdish forces jointly recaptured the largest Mosul dam in Iraq occupied by extremist groups on the 18th. Analysts pointed out that the U.S. air strikes helped Kurdish forces recapture the lost towns and oil fields, and in the long run, it was conducive to the stability of Iraq's crude oil production

the Ukrainian government army's 19 strong offensive against the eastern Ukrainian city of Lugansk has a high failure rate of electronic omnipotence in people's minds, occupying some urban areas of the city. Some areas in the city center were seriously damaged, and the armed conflict caused civilian casualties

the light crude oil futures contract delivered in September on the New York Mercantile Exchange, otherwise it will not be imported, will expire. Many traders sold the September futures contract and transferred to the more active October contract, which increased the decline of the September futures contract

by the close of the day, the price of light crude oil futures for September 2014 delivery on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell by $1.93 to $94.48 a barrel, a decrease of 2%. London Brent crude oil futures for delivery in October 2014 fell by US $0.04 to close at US $101.56 per barrel

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