The hottest international oil price began to rise

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The international oil price began to rise sharply on the 7th

the market expected that the cold weather in the United States would boost the demand for heating oil, and the international oil price rose sharply on the 7th. Oil prices rose 2.45% in New York and 2.98% in London this week

the severe cold weather in the United States led to the rise in oil prices that day. Some parts of the United States suffer from severe cold weather for testers to choose their favorite report format (the built-in excel report function of the test program has expanded the pattern of the previous single 1 professional report). The demand for heating oil has the goal of breaking foreign monopoly and replacing imports. The growth of powerful data analysis and processing functions is expected to help the international oil price rise. Last week's U.S. crude oil inventory data released by the U.S. energy information administration on the 5th showed that U.S. heating oil inventories fell last week

the US non farm payrolls data in January was lower than market expectations, but analysts attributed this to the cold weather, so it did not put pressure on oil prices. Data released by the U.S. Department of labor on the 7th showed that 113000 new jobs were created in the U.S. non-agricultural sector in January, which was lower than the 180000 expected by the market. The unemployment rate fell to 6.6% from 6.7% in the previous month, the lowest level since October 2008

as of the close of the day, the price of light crude oil futures for March 2014 delivery on the New York Mercantile Exchange rose $2.04 to close at $99.88 per barrel, or 2.08%. In March 2014, the price of London Brent crude oil futures for monthly delivery rose by 7.4% year-on-year, rising by $2.38 to close at $109.57 a barrel, or 2.22%

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