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Take advantage of the production buffer period to improve automation and informatization with "5g+ industrial interconnection production line"

wear masks, register temperature measurement, and enter the plant. A few days ago, I came to Linjiang Industrial Park, Wucheng District, Jinhua City. Zhejiang WanLiYang Co., Ltd., which is mainly engaged in automobile transmission, has basically resumed production in all plant areas. Since the resumption of work on February 10, Wan Liyang, with the help of government departments, has broken down the barriers to resumption of production all the way and changed speed calmly

connect with remote debugging equipment

walk into the car touch screen, LCD, organic photovoltaic cells, organic light-emitting diodes and other rooms in WanLiYang factory, and employees wearing masks operate quietly at their own stations. The government will give subsidies to employees who drive back. We charter cars to pick up our employees, and the government pays for the expenses. Renhualin, vice president of Zhejiang WanLiYang Co., Ltd., said that there was basically no pressure on the enterprise to solve the problem of employees returning to their posts. The dilemma we are facing now is that the commissioning personnel of the production equipment cannot come

before the Spring Festival, WanLiYang purchased a batch of new production equipment and prepared to launch a new production line. The German equipment manufacturer's commissioning personnel were afraid to come after hearing that they had to be isolated for 14 days. Looking at the new equipment in the workshop, renhualin said that if one equipment could not be started, the whole production line could not be used. At present, there are more than 20 equipment that have not been debugged, involving three new production lines

the characteristics of our industry, the sales revenue in the first quarter and the fourth quarter accounted for 60% to 65%. Renhualin said that the production in the first two months was obviously affected by the epidemic. After that, if the new production line can be debugged in time, it can play a big role

people can't get along. First solve some problems through the network. Through online scheme formulation and remote video guidance, WanLiYang and Makino company of Japan conducted remote guidance on the machining center and Bridge robot for the production of automatic transmission shells

looking for alternative parts suppliers

in fact, for WanLiYang, the more headache is that upstream enterprises can not return to work. No matter whether they are core parts or not, they cannot complete product assembly without one

there are nearly 1000 upstream supporting enterprises in WanLiYang across the country, including more than 420 transmission supporting enterprises for commercial vehicles and more than 500 transmission supporting enterprises for passenger vehicles when using the required next generation heat and oil resistance and the mechanical characteristics usually provided by rubber. Previously, WanLiYang, on the one hand, did a good job in the existing production, and on the other hand, sought alternative product suppliers

however, it is not easy to find alternative products, especially for key components such as electronic components. Some products need to be tested for 18 months first. Enterprises cannot afford to wait for such a long time span. For example, if a foreign-funded enterprise in Wuhan can not start construction, WanLiYang can only choose to fly parts directly from Japan, even if the cost of a single part increases by 40%

the upstream supporting facilities have been basically solved, and WanLiYang is facing the downstream terminal problem. A complete vehicle has 267000 parts, and many on-site project leaders fanghuayin told the complete vehicle parts enterprises in Hubei that it is far more difficult for the complete vehicle enterprises to return to work. At the sales terminal, 4S stores are also affected by the epidemic. The industry predicts that the sales of finished vehicles in February will decline by more than 90% year-on-year

there is no doubt that if the whole vehicle cannot be assembled, the vehicle sales will drop significantly, and the demand for transmission will drop. Although worried about the terminal, WanLiYang still made every effort to produce spare parts, make sufficient inventory and improve the follow-up control ability

machine replacement and transformation production line

if there is no epidemic, WanLiYang originally planned to start construction on the fourth day of the lunar new year to cushion the production demand for a large number of orders. After the outbreak, WanLiYang's reservoir disappeared, but the decline in market demand gave enterprises more buffer time

WanLiYang has set many industry speeds. Last August, the 10000th cvt18 transmission in Jinhua base of WanLiYang passenger transformer division was successfully rolled off the production line. This transmission production line project only takes 49 days from equipment mobilization to formal production; After the SOP of the product, the first transmission to the 10000th transmission will be offline in only 89 days. Cvt18, launched in batches, matches Geely, Chery, BYD and other domestic mainstream brands. It is an important strategic product of WanLiYang aimed at the small passenger vehicle transmission market

such a fast speed is unparalleled among peers in the world. We worked so hard that we didn't have time to deliver the order. Renhualin said that while creating speed, enterprises will also have problems in system design and management methods. The epidemic has given WanLiYang a time to rest and improve. At the same time, the epidemic has made it difficult for employees to return to their posts, which has accelerated WanLiYang's promotion of machine replacement and the automation and information transformation of the production line. At present, WanLiYang has transformed two automatic gear production lines in advance, and some production lines have incomplete accessories, which can realize production automation once they are supplemented

5g+ industrial interconnection production line is put into operation, which is an important work for the transformation and upgrading of WanLiYang. In the workshop of WanLiYang new energy drive technology Co., Ltd., I saw a small 5g base station. Different from purchasing new materials from outside, Wang Meng, director of WanLiYang information Jinhua office, showed off the connection with 5g operation platform near the cvt18 general assembly line

the WiFi data has a high packet loss rate, and the signal is easy to be interfered. The instruction will be delayed. Moreover, the loop line is not specific to the point. If there is a problem in the production line, it cannot be specific to each machine point to point. Wang Meng said that the data uploading and downloading rate of 5g is very high. Assigning an address to each machine can greatly improve the operation efficiency and realize the independent scheduling, management and decision-making in the whole process of production and manufacturing. Next, WanLiYang will be applied to 8 branches of Jinhua's production bases

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