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Selling products along the the Belt and Road: Jiangsu Liugong brave into the international market

selling products along the the Belt and Road: Jiangsu Liugong brave into the international market

China engineering machinery 4 In the first half of this year, the sales volume increased by 20%, the sales volume increased by 30%, the profit increased by 500%, and 60% of the products were sold to the international market A few days ago, during a visit to Jiangsu Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd., Gongxun, general manager of the company, reported a set of data that brightened people's eyes

Jiangsu Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd. is an enterprise invested and built by Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd. in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province. The company mainly produces a series of small engineering machinery products such as wheel loaders with less than 125 horsepower, slip steering loaders that can pass the measurement test, and digging loaders. The "Liugong" loader produced by Jiangsu Liugong is a national famous brand product and the first domestic construction machinery brand that has passed CE certification

since the construction machinery industry entered the "cold winter" in 2012, it is getting worse year by year. How can Jiangsu Liugong counter attack against the background of the general depression of its peers

general manager Gongxun said: it mainly benefits from the national "the Belt and Road" strategy

this is not a big talk, but a very real sigh. Three years ago, affected by the economic environment, the domestic demand of the machinery industry generally declined, and the sales of Jiangsu Liugong's main products fell rapidly, so we must find a new way out. At this time, it coincides with the "the Belt and Road" strategy proposed by the state. Since 2013, stylus printers have been optional; The microcomputer controlled control part is brand computers and printers. Gong Xun took his R & D team to run country by country along the "the Belt and Road", from Russia and Azerbaijan to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates to Germany. After walking by land and then by sea, from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore to India and Brazil, he has traveled to nearly 20 countries in three years. Wherever he went, Gong Xun would go to the local construction site to chat with the workers about tools and equipment, so that the R & D team could produce applicable, reliable and beautiful products at a price 10-15% lower than the price of mainstream products in the international market according to the market demand of different countries and regions, without affecting the product quality, and according to the wishes of customers. With personalized products and the global marketing network of Jiangsu Liugong, international customers began to recognize the products of Jiangsu Liugong more and more

in the process of "running around the world" for more than two years, Jiangsu Liugong has developed three series of more than 30 types of construction machinery products, namely, small wheel loaders with less than 100 horsepower, skid steer loaders and backhoe loaders. The products can be widely used in municipal construction. While expanding the types of 3D printing materials, it also increases the freedom of design and processing of thermosetting materials Ranch management, military equipment and other fields. In the market of more than 30 kinds of loaders, the product share of Jiangsu Liugong is the first in the industry, and its technology and quality level are leading. Among them, the sliding steering loader technology fills the domestic gap, representing the development direction of China's small construction machinery in the future. The proportion of sales in the international market has also risen from the initial 20% to about 60% now. In the 12-year development history of Jiangsu Liugong, a new record that the loader demand of the international marketing division exceeded the domestic demand appeared for the first time

"small construction machinery has a market scale of about US $16.7 billion. Our goal is to occupy a market share of 5%, about US $800million, and reach a sales scale of RMB 3billion to RMB 5billion by 2017." Gong Xun said that in order to achieve this goal, Jiangsu Liugong will continue to strengthen scientific and technological R & D and marketing, implement low-cost operation, increase investment density, avoid resource waste, and strive to build a "world-class small construction machinery R & D and manufacturing center" with domestic reliability first, market share first and profitability first

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