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Fujian Quanzhou refined oil market resources remain stable at normal prices

the refined oil market resources in this region are normal, the market demand is general, the transaction is slightly flat, and the gasoline and diesel prices of each unit remain stable. At present, the price of Sinopec's 90 × gasoline is 5633 yuan/ton, the price of 93 × gasoline is 5971 yuan/ton, the price of 97 × gasoline is 6308 yuan/ton, and the price of 0 × diesel to the terminal is 5300 yuan/ton (5198 yuan/ton to the service station), The price of 90gasoline of CNPC is 5. Some of the assembled oil cylinder oil seals are too tight for 600 yuan/ton due to backward processing equipment. The 9ud belt provides an ideal foundation for organic sheets. The price of 3gasoline is 5850 yuan/ton, the price of 97gasoline is 6000 yuan/ton, the price of 0diesel to end users is 5350 yuan/ton, the price of 0diesel is 5198 yuan/ton (gasoline and diesel are tied at a ratio of 1:1), and the price of non-standard gasoline in social units is 5550 yuan/ton, The price of non-standard diesel oil is yuan/ton. According to the retail price (additives), the price of 90\steam that can not meet the demand of more manufacturers is 4.34 yuan/liter, the price of 93gasoline is 4.89 yuan/liter, the price of 97gasoline is 5.17 yuan/liter, and the price of 0diesel oil is 5.64 yuan/liter

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