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Do a good job in packaging goods so that customers can remember your

packaging - the appearance of your goods is a place that can truly make your store stand out and let customers firmly remember. To provide good customer service, you need to complete several steps. The key to success is to improve the service level provided by your store in each step

many businesses have to work hard for a period of time before they can really package the things you buy beautifully. Maybe in the local supermarket, the people at the checkout counter use their brains to make sure that they can avoid putting bread at the bottom of the bag and potatoes on it, or in the department store, what you buy is packaged like a gift. With the increasing pressure to cut costs, for many companies, the level of service is almost reduced to the lowest - packaging is considered a boring thing rather than a good opportunity to provide excellent customer service

in addition, there is a trend to make packaging more conducive to environmental protection. Because of this, it is a good idea to use recycled materials or provide customers with reusable packaging whenever possible. A very good example of this is the reusable envelope introduced in recent years. You may have received a bill sent in this envelope. The envelope is a reusable hydraulic pump. If there is any abnormality, you can seal the money in the envelope and send it back to the company. For those who send out many letters, this is not only a cost saving method (you no longer need to put a return envelope in the letter), but also an environmental statement that encourages people to pay their bills faster

I suggest you check your packaging procedures and pay attention to the following key points:

1. Do you use the best possible packaging materials

2 has your staff been trained to pack goods quickly and well

3 ﹐ can you pack the goods so that they will not be damaged during the whole journey

tensile machine is also called tensile testing machine or universal material testing machine. Tensile test of tensile testing machine: tensile test (stress-strain test) generally means that both ends of material samples are clamped on two clamps with a certain distance apart. 4. Can the packaging of goods protect the environment

5. Have you made the packaging so that customers can easily open it

6 does the packaging of goods promote the business of the store

7. Are your customers satisfied with the full packaging

8 ﹐ is the packaging of the goods beneficial to the shop assistants ﹐ that is, is it easier to use

through the inspection of packaging procedures, this series of models are mainly applicable to the test of non-metallic and metallic materials with experimental load less than 10kN. You can find many areas to be improved, and the final result is that the customer satisfaction will be higher

Author: Andrew Griffith information source: economic press

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