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With the continuous development of market economy, the sales platform of wardrobe industry shows a diversified trend. Online, offline, home stores, big brands, dealer channels, engineering channels, etc. In the face of various platforms and channels with different opinions, how should wardrobe enterprises respond? Where should the dealer go? How should wardrobe manufacturers with diversified platforms choose? The whole wardrobe brand Deville

diversification of wardrobe Market platforms

platformization has become an inevitable trend for the development of the wardrobe industry. By simplifying the process of the value chain, it realizes data sharing and credit transparency, changes the industry's profit mode of earning price difference by opaque information and the vicious competition relationship between upstream and downstream games, and then solves the problems existing in all links of the industrial chain. At present, the mainstream platforms in the wardrobe industry generally include furniture store platform, brand enterprise platform, dealer store platform and Internet platform

furniture store platform is the main platform inherent in the wardrobe industry, which can be seen everywhere from provincial capitals to cities and towns. Brand enterprise platform is a platform ecosystem that some wardrobe enterprises have converged into by taking advantage of their own channels, brands, capital and industrial chain advantages. Some are straightforward in the form of sub brands, and some are overlaid with a full range of product styles. The dealer big store platform refers to that in the process of the growth and creation of super dealers, provincial capitals and first tier cities will spawn a number of super big stores. With the full outbreak of Internet platforms such as Alibaba and, nearly 100 Internet platforms have exploded in recent years. Of course, does the Internet platform model of the industry conform to common sense? Is it in line with business logic? Are there really traces of transactions and big data precipitation online? Can it carry a large number of buyers, sellers, service providers and other ecosystems, and form a new mode of production and consumption? These questions are worth pondering

how should wardrobe enterprises respond

in the face of various platforms with different opinions, how should wardrobe enterprises respond? Where should the dealer go? First of all, for enterprises that aspire to be private brands and have feelings, they should have the determination to stick to their own advantages, focus on a certain category, and become small and beautiful professional brands in subdivided fields; Secondly, for wardrobe enterprises with production capacity but insufficient channel sales, they can find matching platforms to cooperate strategically according to their own conditions, and complete product sales, channel network development and brand improvement; Thirdly, manufacturers with strong production and manufacturing capabilities but no R & D, design, and channel sales capabilities may wish to transform into OEM factories specifically for first-line brands and platforms. Finally, for small and micro enterprises that have neither R & D, design, production and manufacturing, nor sales advantages, they should try to integrate into the platform, use the power of the platform to avoid being eliminated, and wait for the opportunity to become bigger and stronger

for super dealers all over the country, they are regional platforms. They cooperate with home stores, brand manufacturers and Internet platforms on a platform by platform basis. But for the vast majority of dealers, the choice of brand manufacturers and home stores means all the investment of wealth and energy. For the choice of Internet platform, we should consider our own long-term interests to avoid being removed as "intermediation" in the end. After all, the business logic of Internet platforms in most industries is to "disintermediate" and "disintermediate", so that both production and marketing, supply and demand, rely on the service ecosystem of the platform to directly connect

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