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Wuhan home decoration network will hold the second season of the model house viewing activity on November 18 (next Sunday). At present, it is in the process of signing up. At that time, it will take you to visit the model houses of three decoration companies from a distance. In the last issue, Wuhan home decoration network held a model through train activity, which was highly praised by decoration companies and owners

in the early years, when the owners chose the decoration company, they relied on their feelings. At that time, the decoration company dominated the world with a few drawings and pens. The decoration owners could only imagine the future home based on the designer's drawings. Now, with the continuous upgrading of experiential marketing, home decoration experience is also popular

according to the incomplete statistics of the editor of Wuhan home decoration network, nearly half of the decoration companies in Wuhan have introduced the concept of "real scene model houses". Some large decoration companies, such as carnival decoration, Aohua decoration, Yezhifeng decoration, Jiahe decoration, will regularly organize owners to visit model houses. It can be seen that seeing model houses has become a new trend of decoration at present

the popularity of real model houses, in a sense, also meets many personalized home decoration needs. According to the latest survey, more than 80% of netizens said that they would visit the real model room before decoration

an insider believes that it is not surprising that the model house is highly sought after, because the model house is intuitive and clear, rather than an illusory "mirage", which allows the decoration owner to directly and thoroughly see and understand the whole and true appearance of the house. And also changed the traditional thinking of some decoration companies, changing the previous "armchair" signing mode. According to the person in charge of Carnival decoration, at present, many owners will first look at the construction site of the decoration company and then decide whether to choose the decoration company

the through train activity of looking at model houses launched by Wuhan home decoration network is precisely to let the owners of Jiangcheng get a better home decoration experience, go to the field to see model houses and learn decoration knowledge. Wuhan home decoration network will hold a model house viewing activity on November 18 (Sunday). At that time, netizens will still visit the on-site model houses of three decoration companies, listen to professional designers explain the construction technology and design concept, and have an in-depth understanding of the decoration. Owners who want to participate in this model house activity, please sign up quickly! Registration telephone: 400-607-2258 [sign up for the activity of looking at model houses]

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