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According to relevant data analysis, 80% of consumers believe that the kitchen is the place where they can create "garbage". For a person with cleanliness mania, it is no exaggeration to clean the kitchen for at least half a day, or more than a whole day. So how can we reduce the phenomenon of "dirty, messy and poor" in the kitchen, so that people with cleanliness addiction no longer waste a lot of time "repairing" the kitchen? Cohen kitchen appliances, one of the top ten brands of integrated stoves, recently launched a new integrated stoves product D26, which is the terminator of kitchen cleanliness mania

Cohen's new integrated stove D26 adopts black crystal explosion-proof tempered glass panel, which is free from oil and easy to clean; The unique Austenitic 304 stainless steel arc-shaped universal smoke guide device can easily change the left and right air outlets in 5 seconds. The smoke inlet speed is accelerated by 15%, and the grease separation is as high as 97%. It completely eliminates the body rust, oil leakage and oil leakage. The integrated bellows design is second to none in the core process industry. With the original modular design of the head, the storage table can be easily disassembled, cleaned and installed, which greatly widens the storage table. The oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar can be easily placed, which increases the space utilization rate and makes the stove cleaner

a high-quality integrated stove, of course, is not as simple as a large suction cigarette machine. The new integrated stove D26 of Cohen, one of the top ten brands of integrated stove, has 360 ° ultraviolet disinfection and releases ozone at the same time. After disinfection, it enters the drying mode. The Trinity is more efficient. It really has the effect of disinfection and sterilization and makes people feel at ease. Domino modular bowls and baskets are divided into upper and lower layers. The upper disinfection cabinet and the lower storage cabinet are designed to put tableware into the lower storage cabinet neatly after disinfection, so as to truly achieve a hygienic, clean and tidy kitchen

as an expert in the quality of kitchen electricity in the whole category, Cohen appliances, the top ten brands of integrated stoves, will continuously improve product quality and brand value from inside to outside, and will create a healthy and clean kitchen life for 30million families across the country with better quality and excellent performance




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