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Way is king, which is a common concept in the business process of many door and window brand companies. As a profession with huge production and sales volume, way is indeed the key to the development and achievements of the company. It is also affected by this concept that in recent March and April, door and window brand companies have been particularly enthusiastic about investment promotion, and many door and window brand companies have done their best in investment promotion

but from the perspective of the long-term development of the company, is it possible to represent the rapid development of the company by blindly expanding the channels? Is the perfection of the construction of the way positively proportional to the achievements of the company? Many door and window brand companies urgently need to consider this question

the way is sinking, and it is better to cultivate deeply than seize.

the saturation of shopping malls is a major problem faced by door and window brand companies now. Many foreign trade companies have transformed their domestic sales, so that the door and window commodities in many first tier cities far exceed or even more than double the capacity of their shopping malls. For this, many door and window brand companies think that the way is sinking or a way out, and are busy attracting investment

network construction of door and window brand companies: blindly expanding is not as good as deeply ploughing the way

of course, the way sinks, and investment attraction is a necessary technique, but for door and window brand companies, investment attraction is not necessarily "fast". The overall quality of door and window dealers in tier 3 and Tier 4 cities may be a little different from that of dealers in Tier 1 shopping malls. They may have been only a Tier 3 wholesaler without promotional ability There is no handling ability, no shopping mall development ability, and the overall improvement ability is lacking. This requires the manufacturer to start with the company culture and send special personnel to support and coach dealers to improve their ability to handle and develop shopping malls. If the door and window brand company can regularly provide various trainings for dealers, assist dealers to improve their overall quality and enhance their self hematopoietic function, it can stimulate dealers' enthusiasm, loyalty and self-reliance development ability, and then achieve win-win results with the company

tailored, deep cultivation

insiders also had doubts about the way to sink. However, in terms of practical effect, worry seems to be a little surplus. But based on this, it is determined that the third and fourth tier door and window shopping malls will be able to absorb the excessive production capacity of the door and window profession, but it is also a little reckless. Because not all door and window brands can have a solid "mass foundation" in shopping malls at all levels. Without this foundation, without sufficient sales guarantee, the door and window brand company may lose all its money if it spends a lot of money on building stores in batches

therefore, the channel sinking of door and window brand companies still needs to be tailored, which varies according to the brand. It is necessary to find out the local economic aggregate, the consumption potential of door and window goods, and the bearing degree of the brand itself in the region. Otherwise, the channel sinking will become a money burning game that only blooms but does not bear fruit. They tried hard to attract investment, but did not achieve the purpose of improving sales, but eventually made the door and window brand companies fall in the third and fourth tier areas




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