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Dining table and chair in canteen is a kind of utensils for catering. Its materials are widely used, mainly in the style of connecting desktop and seat. Dining tables and chairs in canteens are often used in major hotels, colleges and universities, or in major factories, especially for guests, students, and employees to eat. Now let's learn about the dining table size with Xiaobian

introduction to dining room tables and chairs

dining room is a public place. Therefore, the quality of dining room tables and chairs is generally good. In the production of dining room tables and chairs, the texture and texture of materials determine the special feeling of product appearance quality. The quality of dining tables and chairs in the canteen is mainly determined by the material. Most of what we see are plastic, but few use wood, because the cost of wood is too expensive. However, plastic and its synthetic materials have the characteristics of simulating the texture of various natural materials, and have good coloring properties, but they are easy to age and heat deformation. Using this to produce furniture, its service life and scope of use are limited

dining room table ruler 1

the size of dining room table is designed according to its shape. In fact, in life, the shapes of dining room table we see are relatively rich, including round, two, four, six and so on. Generally speaking, the dining table height of the dining room table is: 750— 790mm; Dining chair height: 450-mdash; 500mm。

dining table ruler 2

if it is a round dining table chair, this kind of dining table chair is rare, but it does not mean there is no one. The dimensions of round dining table and chair in the canteen are: two seats, diameter: 500mm, four seats: 800mm, five seats: 1100mm, six seats: 1100&mdash& mdash; 1250mm, eight seat: 1800mm

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there is another shape of dining table chair in the dining room, which is the square table, which we see most. The size of this square dining room dining table and chair is: two seats: 700× 850mm, 1350× for four people; 850mm, eight persons 2250× 850mm; The last one is the diameter of the dining table turntable, which is 600-mdash; 800mm, the distance between dining tables: (including seats accounting for 500mm) should be greater than 500mm

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