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In order to meet the requirements of high-end consumer groups and meet the needs of the high-end lock market, Puxin has started the research and development of intelligent locks again, marked by the success of the first fingerprint lock project

strict quality requirements and innovative technical support are the basis and advantages of Puxin's development. In order to meet the requirements of high-end consumer groups and meet the needs of the high-end lock market, Puxin has started the research and development of intelligent locks again, marked by the success of the first fingerprint lock project

the so-called intelligent lock is to integrate electronic technology, integrated circuit design, a large number of electronic components and lock body design to meet various functional requirements into a lock by using various innovative identification technologies. The difference between it and traditional mechanical lock lies in user identification, safety and management. Many technical standards of Puxin intelligent lock exceed national and industrial standards, filling the gap of lock industry standards, such as its whole process voice navigation, ultra-low power intelligent lock remote control, patented intelligent lock body design, and so on

as the core of the development trend of door lock and door control hardware industry, Puxin hardware has successively established an electronic lock R & D department relying on the diversified product operation platform built in the past decade. The company employs high-tech personnel to specially develop intelligent locks, and has developed a variety of fingerprint password remote control locks and touch screen induction remote control locks. The development of anti-theft lock adopts blade lock cylinder, which greatly improves the anti-theft safety performance. The two series of products are gradually and steadily introduced to the market, suitable for promotion in high-end hotels and key residential areas, and targeted at customers who pursue fashion and technology

independently developed and patented anti-theft lock; The lock tongue and main parts are made of stainless steel precision castings, and the shell, lining plate and gusset plate are made of high-quality stainless steel, making the anti-destructive performance far higher than the national standard; Free handle structure, more reliable security performance; The upper body is locked reversely, and the handle can be lifted inside and outside the door. The door can be locked quickly, and the heaven and earth are linked, as solid as gold

Puxin intelligent lock integrates Puxin traditional and modern cultural elements in style design. Its novel, unique and fashionable shape reflects Puxin's spiritual pursuit and quality connotation, and conveys Puxin's profound universal feelings. At the same time, Puxin intelligent lock can be recognized by consumers in terms of technical indicators and functions. With a touch, you can instantly experience the fashionable and convenient life enjoyment brought by intelligent technology

I. technical parameters. Voltage 6V, 4 alkali batteries; The static current is less than 20u a, and the dynamic current is less than 200mA; Battery life, normally open for more than one year; Long voltage prompt, the voltage is lower than about 4 ・ 5V, the red light is on after the induction RF card, and the door can be opened for about 150 times

II. Intelligent lock function. There are mainly fingerprint unlocking, password unlocking and emergency key opening methods. Fingerprint unlock, instant start: the unique fingerprint as the unlock key, carry it with you, avoid the trouble caused by forgetting the key, safe and convenient; Function of heaven and earth lock: just lift the handle when you go out, and the heaven and earth lock can be locked; Intelligent voice prompt function: you will have voice prompt when you perform any typing operation, which is easier to use; Liquid crystal display, intelligent communication: the leading intelligent control liquid crystal display, the whole process shows the operation steps, guides the correct use, and feels the humanization of technology; Key backlight display: open the keyboard protection slide, the blue backlight will light up, and you can clearly see the numbers on the keyboard even in the dark night; Weak current alarm function: when the power is insufficient, you will be prompted by voice to replace the battery; Emergency power supply system (dc9v): when the battery is dead and cannot open the door, it can be opened normally by connecting an external 9V battery; Intrusion sensing function: when the door is locked, when someone breaks the lock and enters, it will send out a strong alarm sound; Internal locking function: after the internal anti lock, the door cannot be opened by any opening method outside the door, making you safer indoors; Anti tailing function: after unlocking and pressing the handle normally, the motor automatically resets and cannot unlock again. Even if the handle is not pressed, the motor automatically resets and cannot unlock again in 5 seconds; Anti technical unlocking function: when unlocking with a mechanical key, you must hold the key and press the handle at the same time to unlock; Normally open function: after inputting the correct unlocking information, press * to set the normally open state. Press \or input the unlocking information again to release the normally open function; Good smoothness: it is suitable for various national standard anti-theft doors, wooden doors and steel doors. It is more convenient to install. It can replace all kinds of mechanical anti-theft locks, so that the cost of upgrading customers can be minimized. Customers don't have to worry about changing doors because they can't replace mechanical anti-theft locks

III. anti theft lock function. Each card has a unique password, which cannot be copied; Software can be divided into general control level, building control level, floor control level, service area level, room level, etc., with clear authority; The free handle prevents external pressure from damaging the internal structure of the door lock and has a long service life; It can terminate the door opening function of the lost card (designated card); Cycle and save 200 latest unlocking records to keep abreast of unlocking dynamics at any time; Use the emergency card or mechanical key to ensure that the door lock can be opened normally under special circumstances; When the power is insufficient, sound and light double prompt; Different types and levels of cards can open locks in different areas; The lock is equipped with a real-time clock, which can effectively control the use time of the key card and prevent guests from maliciously defaulting on the room fee

the success of the existing Puxin smart lock research and development has laid the foundation for the research and development of smart home integration. Puxin will not be satisfied with the immediate harvest. In the next step, more identification technologies (pupil imaging, network alarm, communication technology, etc.) will be integrated into intelligent locks. Network technology and communication technology are also under development. These high-intelligent products with Puxin's independent intellectual property rights are getting closer and closer to customers

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