How to match the colors of laminate flooring

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The laminate floor is not easy to deform, wear-resistant, durable and strong in resistance. It is easy to install, flame retardant, easy to take care of and easy to maintain, which caters to the fast-paced, relaxed and simple lifestyle of modern people. According to the statistics of national authorities, the market share of laminate flooring has reached 46%, greatly exceeding the sales volume of any kind of flooring. Because its surface imitates the wood grain of solid wood floor, its texture is natural and beautiful, and its color is rich, reinforced composite wood floor has increasingly become the first choice of floor decoration materials in modern home decoration

good laminate flooring has a wide variety of colors, and the colors and styles of each color are different: white maple is quiet and elegant, red sandalwood is noble and elegant, wild cherry wood is lively and vivid, and Mandarin Duck beech is romantic and warm... Therefore, how to choose a floor color that is consistent with the decoration style of the whole room is also an art. The only trick is to choose according to the owner's aesthetic point of view and aesthetic taste, combined with the comprehensive factors of the room environment, mainly including the following three aspects:

consider the size of the room area

generally, if the room area is large and the lighting is sufficient, it is appropriate to choose wood floors with darker colors and coarse textures to make the larger room relatively compact; On the contrary, small rooms can choose wood floors with light colors and fine textures, which give people a sense of openness and also make smaller rooms appear spacious

considering the different functions of each room, different rooms can choose to use wood floors with different colors

the living room is the most open place in the home, and it is also the main place for family daily activities and receiving guests. Therefore, it is appropriate to use transparent and soft colors to create a bright, harmonious and elegant atmosphere; The bedroom is a place for rest and physical and mental relaxation. Warm or neutral floors should be selected to give people a quiet and comfortable feeling; Children's room is the place where children sleep, study and live. It should be concise, cheerful and bright. It will be good to use light and bright colors; The study is the place where the master of the room works and studies. Its environment should have a strong cultural atmosphere, and the colors used should also choose a stable dark floor

consider the coordination and unification of floor color and other room colors

other room colors include the colors of ceiling, wall and furniture. Light colors are usually applied to ceilings and walls; Because furniture color plays a dominant role in the indoor environment, and it is chosen according to the preferences of the room owner; Therefore, the choice of ground color usually follows the principle of unifying with furniture color and echoing with wall color




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