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The countdown to the escalation of Japan's export restrictions on South Korea: electric vehicles and precision instruments have become a new round of targets

according to Yonhap news on July 30, according to Japanese local media and industry on August 30, Japan will hold a cabinet meeting as soon as August 2 to deal with the amendment of the export trade management order that excludes South Korea from the "white list"

since Japan announced the amendment to the export trade administration order in early July, the Korean government has successively sent high-level personnel to the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the United States to spare no effort to prevent the amendment, but Japan's position has not changed

in the written reply to the challenge submitted by the planning and Finance Committee of the National Congress, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of planning and finance of the Republic of Korea Hong Nanji said that if the Republic of Korea is excluded from the "white list", the objects of export restrictions from Japan to the Republic of Korea may be expanded, and the relevant departments of the Republic of Korea are closely cooperating with the possible additional retaliation

in addition, South Korea's main development industries in the future, such as electric vehicles and chemistry and precision instruments, which are highly dependent on Japan, will become its next goal

according to the analysis of the Institute of modern economics, the comparative results of the competitiveness of major industries in South Korea and Japan show that textile fibers, chemical industry, vehicles, aircraft, ships and other industries are more than 90% dependent on Japan's imports. Most of the necessary materials and parts for electric vehicle batteries and hydrogen fuel electric vehicle tanks are also made in Japan. While preventing the export of products highly dependent on Japan to South Korea, Japan has set up non-tariff barriers on the main export products of South Korea

as a powerful country in scientific instruments, Japan has many strong instrument brands. The following shows which famous brands in the field of Japanese scientific instruments have been shortlisted in the world from the top 20 list of global instrument companies in 2018 published by c&en magazine in early 2019

Japanese brands in the top20 list of global instrument companies in 2018

1) Shimadzu: ranked 2nd on the list. Instrument sales in 2018: 2.18 billion US dollars

Shimadzu's products include photoelectric spectrophotometer, gas chromatograph, X-ray analyzer and other instruments. Especially in the fields of analytical and testing instruments, medical instruments, aviation industry machinery and so on, based on the three core technologies of optical technology, x

ray technology and image processing technology, the current flame retardant materials are materials that can achieve flame retardant effect after adding flame retardants to explore the new development path of plastic granulator technology, meeting a wide range of market needs. And in life science, environmental protection and other hot fields, we continue to study new technologies and develop new products

2) Japan Electronics: ranked 142nd in the list. Instrument sales in 2018: US $648million

jeol's products include semiconductors, industrial and medical equipment, but 65% of its sales come from scientific and measuring equipment tracked by c&en

the company produces electronic optics, measuring and analytical instruments. Electron optical instruments include transmission electron microscope, energy filtering electron microscope and photoelectron spectrometer. Jeol's product portfolio of measuring instruments includes scanning electron microscope, focused ion beam system and X-ray fluorescence spectrometer. Its analytical instruments include nuclear magnetic resonance system, electron spin co generation shock system and mass spectrometer

3) Hitachi high tech: ranked the first 152018 instrument sales: US $613million

Hitachi high tech has four businesses,

c&en tracks the fourth, science and medical systems business, accounting for 9% of the company's annual sales. The product portfolio of this business includes liquid chromatograph, mass spectrometer and spectrophotometer. It also makes focused beam and atomic force microscope

4) Nikon: ranked 162nd in the list. Instrument sales in 2018: US $571 million

c&en tracks Nikon's health care business, which includes biological microscope, cell culture observation system and ultra wide field of vision membrane imaging equipment

5) Olympus: ranked the first in the list. Instrument sales in 2018: 357million US dollars

Olympus' related scientific instruments business products include handheld X-ray fluorescence analyzer, nondestructive testing equipment, industrial video endoscope and microscope, and biological microscope. Olympus business tracked by c&en is biomicroscope, which is used for drug discovery and clinical pathology

in addition, before 2016, when the list was still the top 25 (the list began to change to the top 20 in 2017), Horiba also continued to be on the list. Among the top 25 global instrument companies in 2016, Horiba ranked 23rd in the list. At that time, the sales of instruments in 2016 was US $237 million. Horiba related scientific instruments and products include optical spectroscopy, molecular spectroscopy, elemental analysis. 1 we must gradually find out the reason, material characterization, surface analysis and other advanced detection technologies

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