Advantages of the most thermal power solution mark

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Advantages of electrolyte marking machine

advantages of electrolyte marking:

1 Compared with laser --- low cost, fast speed and equivalent marking effect

2 compared with ink silk printing --- firm and never fall off

3. Compared with steel seal, the accuracy is greatly improved; No matter how hard the metal is, it can be easily marked without damaging the flatness of the metal surface and the stress of the metal workpiece.

the application of electrolyte marking: hardware tools, medical instruments, plumbing equipment, cemented carbide, measuring tools, machine parts, instruments and meters, kitchenware and tableware, gear bearings, valve signs, auto parts, stainless steel products, copper and aluminum products, etc

the price is not high, and it plays a great role! As long as you have an electrochemical marking machine for electrolyte instructions, your enterprise and products will immediately have exquisite marks, enhance the anti-counterfeiting ability of products, facilitate quality tracking, and establish a brand image. Austin, Germany, as the inventor of electrolyte marking machine, its technology is in a leading position in the same industry in the world, and it has developed a marking template that needs to design new fixtures to ensure durable electrolyte and excellent even at full load operation quality, which has been unanimously praised by the marking industry all over the world

working principle: with the help of low voltage and marking liquid, the high-tech technology of local ionization on the metal surface can print any pattern or text that will never fall off on almost any conductive metal surface. (end)

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