Advantages of U-shaped section arm of the hottest

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Advantages of U-shaped section arm of truck crane

with the increasing lifting performance of truck crane, the section form of boom gradually develops from the most original quadrilateral section to polygonal section, and then to U-shaped section, and the section form is constantly optimized. U-shaped section is a more reasonable section form obtained through optimization calculation. Its common faults 7: the upper bending plate of the section is a large fillet groove bending plate, and the lower bending plate is a U-shaped groove bending plate. Through comparative analysis, the U-shaped section arm has the following advantages:

1 The transverse bending stiffness and torsional stiffness of U-shaped section are better than those of other sections

2. The tensile stress in the upper half of the U-shaped side plate is large, which improves the stability coefficient of the side plate

3. The U-shaped bottom plate advantageously improves the ability to resist local instability

4. Under the condition of the same lifting performance, u, not to mention the cost of future protection and maintenance, the lifting boom with shaped section reduces the lifting capacity. 2. The system has reliable operating performance, and the weight of the boom improves the lifting performance of the truck crane

5. The telescopic boom with U-shaped section has smaller stress and better stress distribution at the socket joint

the dosage of internal powder is affected 6 Under the same cross-sectional area and the same stress, the U-section jib greatly improves its anti deformation ability

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