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Export credit insurance supports Shanghai photovoltaic enterprises to go global

recently, Shanghai Jingao Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. received an indemnity of US $4.95 million from China SINOSURE Shanghai Branch. Since the second half of 2011, affected by the global financial crisis, countries have reduced subsidy policies for the photovoltaic industry, resulting in a huge impact on the business of domestic photovoltaic export enterprises. In this regard, China SINOSURE Shanghai Branch helped photovoltaic enterprises actively collect accounts receivable, and repeatedly timely gave high compensation to several photovoltaic enterprises for bad debts. In 2012 alone, the company paid compensation of US $7.554 million to Shanghai photovoltaic enterprises and recovered overseas receivables of US $10.288 million

at the same time, the company is also actively assisting in the business transformation of photovoltaic enterprises. In order to reduce the escalating buyer collection risk, some Shanghai photovoltaic enterprises began to invest in overseas photovoltaic power stations by themselves. Therefore, the company timely launched overseas investment insurance to help photovoltaic enterprises control risks in overseas investment, and then obtained loan support from the domestic bank performing unit: Guohao Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Under the current severe situation, photovoltaic enterprises in Shanghai have found another way to "go global". By the end of 2012, the photovoltaic industry had been supported to export US $3billion. The export areas not only covered Europe, the United States, Australia, Japan and other traditional photovoltaic export markets in Pakistan and China, which are the economic development belt of the old revolutionary base areas and the concentrated area of Qinba Mountain Industrial parks, but also covered emerging markets such as Southeast Asia and Latin America

in addition to strengthening support for photovoltaic enterprises, since last year, China SINOSURE Shanghai Branch has rapidly launched to expand the scale of short-term export credit insurance business and increase support for small and medium-sized export enterprises in Shanghai. In 2012, the support of export credit insurance to Shanghai's foreign trade and economic cooperation reached US $23.09 billion, an increase of US $4.89 billion year-on-year, an increase of 26.9% year-on-year. Among them, as a credit insurance product supporting general trade exports, the underwriting scale of short-term export credit insurance exceeded US $20billion for the first time in that year, reaching US $204 billion, with a year-on-year increase of 3 and 6.5%, achieving a historic breakthrough. The number of service support enterprises reached 1429, with a year-on-year increase of 713, including 912 small and micro enterprises, 3.4 times that of the previous year

in terms of reducing premium costs, China SINOSURE Shanghai branch effectively reflects the characteristics of a policy company. By strengthening risk management and control and actively seeking policy support from the headquarters, it keeps the rate level gradually declining, so as to reduce the burden on export enterprises. In 2012, the company paid a total of $38.03 million to 66 enterprises, a substantial increase of 53.2% year-on-year. However, the company's insurance premium rate still showed a downward trend in the same period. Zhonghua glass () Department

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