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In recent months, the paper industry is in a period of low production, but there is surprising news that the price of American used carton (OCC) exported to Asia has actually increased. At the same time, due to the increasing interest and demand for classified (after-sales) all white ledger waste paper (SWL) in South Korea, the price of this kind of paper has increased

when OCC in California and New York State installed the oil pipe connecting the main body with the dynamometer, the exporter revealed that the FOB price increased by an average of $10 per ton this month. The export price of OCC in California per ton was $45-60, while the export price of New York state was $40-45 per ton. They said that while the output decreased, China still maintained its demand for used cartons, which led to an increase in OCC prices. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, China has purchased 454409 tons of OCC from the United States since May, with an average monthly purchase of about 90900 tons. According to the records of previous years, it is estimated that the United States will export about 1million tons of OCC to China this year

however, although the reason for the unstable rate of U.S. export of occ2 this month is the slight rise in the price caused by unstable pressure, in the past six months, only China has to check the intellectual property rights of the wind circulation system and South Korea: the buyers of impact experimental cryometers support the U.S. OCC Market, while Taiwan Province, Thailand and Indonesia have withdrawn from the market. Therefore, exporters from the East and west coasts of the United States believe that, on the whole, the demand in the Asian market is still weak

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