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Advantages of anhydrous offset printing process

anhydrous offset printing has incomparable advantages over AAMA 501 (9) 4 series offset printing. With the anhydrous offset printing process, there is no need to use fountain solution when printing, so there is no headache of water and ink balance. For the traditional offset printing process, the balance of water and ink is the key, and the control of water volume is the most difficult technology in offset printing. At present, there is Langsheng, a special chemical company. The quality of many domestic prints cannot meet the specified requirements. The common reasons are: first, the paper is deformed in offset printing, which leads to inaccurate overprint; second, the ink is unbalanced. Waterless offset printing does not need to use fountain solution, so the degree of paper deformation is reduced, and the color overprint of printed products is more accurate. Waterless offset printing without the participation of water avoids the problem of ink emulsification in traditional offset printing, accelerates the drying speed of ink, reduces the point increase, and has a better point reproduction effect

waterless offset printing requires high accuracy of offset printing machine. Therefore, waterless offset printing can print more stable dots, higher number of EYELINES, and good color stability. In addition, because there is no fountain solution for anhydrous offset printing, the corrosion to the machine is small, and the pollution to the environment is also reduced, which is conducive to environmental protection

there is a wide range of anhydrous offset printing materials, which can be printed on paper, plastic, metal and other materials, but the long-term use temperature rti:155 ℃ requires high surface properties of the printing materials. With the commercial application of waterless offset printing technology, thousands of printing plants in the world have adopted waterless offset printing technology

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