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Advantages of the new efficient tool V760 face milling cutter series

with the rapid development of modern industry, new requirements have been put forward for the design of cutting tools: the three performance standards of cutting efficiency, economy and operability have become the key factors to measure whether a new tool can win. In 2008, wannaite creatively designed the V760 new face milling cutter, which pushed the cutting efficiency of the cutter to the extreme and achieved a perfect balance in economy and operability

I. superior performance of vforcetmv760 super dense tooth cast iron face milling cutter series:

super dense tooth super hard "Iron Man"! It is especially suitable for processing cast iron and difficult to process vermicular graphite cast iron. Sideloktm (side locking) technology the price fluctuation of domestic finished paper is limited to the price of imported finished paper. This technology enables the cutter head to accommodate more blades, and the cutter can be easily replaced for construction. It is very convenient to use the blade, which is at least 150% more efficient than the traditional clamping face milling cutter! Its superior performance is embodied in:

(I). Efficiency:

1. The reinforced blade edge and groove make the feed rate of each tooth reach 0.5mm

2. The advanced side fixed blade base design ensures that the number of blade teeth is 20% more than before under the same diameter, which is the largest number of blade teeth in the milling cutter disc with the same diameter on the market at present

3. Higher feed rate per tooth and more blade teeth mean higher metal removal rate

(II). Economy:

1. Double sided hexagonal blade, which can be rotated up to 12 times

2, 3 groove types, 1 polishing blade groove type, 4 kinds of blades cover all rough machining to finish machining applications of cast iron, nodular cast iron, vermicular cast iron

3. The minimum number of spare parts, only side locking screws, low maintenance cost

(III). Operability:

1. The patented sideloktm (side locking) technology makes it extremely easy to replace the blade, which can be directly replaced on the machine tool. Retreat the locking screw of the blade back for 3 turns first (it is not necessary to remove the screw), then the blade can be removed for rotation, and the blade can be easily locked, avoiding the risk of the screw falling into the machine tool

2. It is easier to replace the blade, which greatly reduces the tool change time, which means that the production efficiency is improved

3. Only a standard wrench is needed to complete the replacement of all blades

II Successful application case of V760 in a large foreign automobile manufacturing enterprise in China:

processing position: front and rear end faces of cast iron cylinder body

cutter head diameter: 125mm

cutter head tooth number: 20

blade model: carbon's m23d printer adopts proprietary digital light synthesis technology (DLS) To produce high-precision resin parts hnef 090508 en-41 vp1120

cutting speed: 220m/min

feed rate per tooth: 0.2mm/z

cutting depth: 4mm

cutting width: 80% when the screw is displayed, d

the spindle speed is 560r/min, and the table feed is 2240mm/min, which shows that V760 has improved the milling efficiency of cast iron to a new level

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