Determination of nonvolatile content of hottest ad

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Determination of nonvolatile content of adhesive

normal align=center> national standard of the people's Republic of China

normal align=center> adhesive 9 Check the determination of the nonvolatile content of the air blow back and energy loss agent

normal align=center>test method for Nonvolatile Content of adhesives

1 subject content and scope of application

this standard specifies the equipment, test temperature, test steps and test results for determining the nonvolatile content of adhesives

this standard is applicable to adhesives with obvious mass loss when heated and volatilized

2 principle

the determination of the nonvolatile content of adhesive is to make the sample heated at a certain temperature for a certain time, expressed as the percentage ratio of the sample mass after heating to the sample mass before heating

3 instruments and equipment

3.1 blast constant temperature oven: the temperature fluctuation shall not be greater than ± 2 ℃

3.2 thermometer: 0 ~ 150 ℃, division value is 1 ℃

3.3 weighing container: weighing bottle or aluminum foil dish with a diameter of 50mm and a side height of 30mm

3.4 analytical balance: the sensitivity is 1mg

3.5 dryer: dryer equipped with color changing silica gel

4 test temperature, test time and sampling amount

4.1 amino resin adhesive: the test temperature is 105 ± 2 ℃, and the test data can be analyzed, stored and compared. The test time is 180 ± 5min, and the sampling amount is 1.5g

4.2 phenolic resin adhesive: test temperature 135 ± 2 ℃, test time 60 ± 2min, sampling amount 1.5g

4.3 other adhesives: test temperature 105 ± 2 ℃, test time 180 ± 5min, sampling amount 1.0g

5 test steps

weigh the adhesive sample as required, accurate to 0.001g, put it into the container that has been constant weight and weighed at the test temperature, and put it into the blast constant temperature oven that has been adjusted for the future development direction of the power battery according to the test temperature. The heating time is as specified in Chapter 4. Take out the sample, put it into a dryer, cool it to room temperature, and weigh its mass

6 the result shows that the content of nonvolatile matter is calculated according to the following formula: where: X - the content of nonvolatile matter,%

normal its oil cylinder and piston are processed with advanced ordnance aviation spraying technology al>m1

normal>x=-------------- × 100

normal> m

m1 - mass of the sample after heating, G

m - mass of sample before heating, G

normal> take the average value of two parallel tests for the test results, and keep three significant figures for the test results

7 test report

a. sample source, sample name, manufacturing date, test date

b. test temperature and time

c. content of nonvolatile matter,%

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