262 illegal enterprises of hazardous chemicals wer

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Lanshan District seized 262 illegal enterprises of hazardous chemicals

recently, the Safety Supervision Bureau of Lanshan District, Linyi City, Shandong province carried out two large-scale law enforcement actions to resolutely crack down on illegal enterprises of hazardous chemicals in the region. Researchers believe that such materials can also be used in the future to seal up 262 enterprises whose illegal production, operation and storage of hazardous chemicals depend on the actual environmental protection actions of consumers in many aspects. In addition, 168 circuit boards of illegal fuel dispensers were removed

during the activity, a letter of decision on compulsory measures was issued to the sealed up enterprises, ordering them to immediately stop illegal activities. At the same time, the district government issued a special notice, ordering the power supply department to cut off power for illegal enterprises of hazardous chemicals, ordering towns and streets to strengthen the crackdown on illegal enterprises of hazardous chemicals in accordance with the principle of "territorial management", and sending safety supervisors to enter illegal enterprises to implement safety supervision, so as to ensure that illegal enterprises will not commit illegal acts again

this is the effective management of hazardous chemicals management in Linyi city since the catastrophic chemical transportation accident in which 18 deaths and 10 injuries occurred in Linyi on September 2

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