Determination of ring crush strength of the hottes

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This standard is equivalent to the international standard iso/dis12192 paper and board compression strength ring compression method

1. Subject content and scope of application

this standard specifies the method of using a compression tester to measure the ring compression strength of paper and paperboard This standard applies to thickness 0 51mm paper and paperboard for making cartons and cartons can also be used for paper or paperboard with a thickness as low as 0.15mm and a height as high as 1.00mm, but it indicates that the reliability of the edge compression strength of the sample (104) geotechnical materials is poor

2. Reference standard

gb/t paper and paperboard samples

gb/t451 Paper and board -- Determination of quantity

gb/t451 Determination of thickness of paper and paperboard

gb/t pulp standard atmosphere for processing and testing of paper and paperboard samples

3, terminology

3.1 ring crush strength the maximum compressive force that can be borne by the edge of the ring specimen when it is compressed until it is crushed, expressed in kn/m

3.2 annular pressure strength index, the average annular pressure strength divided by the quantitative is the annular pressure strength index, expressed in kn/m

4. Instrument

4.1 the sample cutting punch can cut a special punch whose dimensional accuracy meets the requirements of this standard

"1035" plan has introduced an important development opportunity for the new material industry. 4.2 sample seat

inner diameter 49.30+0.05mm, groove depth 6.35+0.25mm. The parallelism deviation between the circular groove bottom and the bottom surface of the sample seat shall not be greater than 0.01mm. The groove wall is at right angles to the groove bottom, and there shall be no chamfer or arc at the included angle. For this reason, it is best to process and assemble the groove bottom and groove wall in two parts. The slot wall tangent direction is processed with a sample slot whose width is not (4) to maximize the braking force greater than 1.25mm. The sample seat is equipped with inner discs with different diameters, so that the sample gap caused by the insertion of the sample seat into the inner disc can adapt to samples of different thicknesses

the control system software of the electronic experimental machine adopts the windows operating system as the platform

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