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Analysis on the development and creation of packaging and printing industry

with the development of Anbu food industry, it has created favorable conditions for the development of its supporting packaging and printing industry. In the packaging and printing industry, more than 70 are flexible packaging printing industry. Form a complete industrial structure from the management of various raw materials such as film and aluminum foil, computer design, engraving plate making, concave convex color printing, printing plastic lamination, paper plastic, aluminum plastic and other packaging bags, plastic packaging products such as blister and bottle blowing, as well as the production of ink and adhesive and the manufacturing of packaging and printing machinery. Anbu people are proud to say that whether you want to buy eight color high-speed automatic color printing equipment, or buy various raw materials such as polyethylene film, polypropylene film, aluminum film, coextrusion film, reinforcing film, OPP, BOPP or ink and adhesive, Anbu can solve for you: whether you want to print ordinary plastic bags, or high-end special packaging products such as vacuum packaging bags, cooking bags, concave convex buckle bags, self-supporting bags, anti-counterfeiting packaging products requiring 150000 to 180000 tons of phosphorous graphite, As long as there is a valid certificate, Anbu can print it for you. The printing industry in Anbu has changed from mainly facing the food industry in the town to serving major food enterprises, beverage enterprises, pharmaceutical enterprises, tobacco and alcohol enterprises and other industries across the country, including printing packaging products for famous enterprises such as Nestle and uni president. The government guarantees the development of the packaging and printing industry. The healthy development of enterprises has a lot to do with the local government, especially Anbu, which is located at the junction of Shantou Special Economic Zone, Jieyang and Chaozhou, and you won't regret it. The successive Party committees and governments of anhou paid special attention to creating superior conditions for the development of enterprises. The township government has created more favorable software for the healthy development of enterprises. Zhou Jisheng, the chief designer of Guangdong Xingsheng Aircraft Design Co., Ltd., said that the township government will do whatever problems need to be solved after the aircraft disintegration or explosion. First of all, enterprises need talents to develop. The township government has helped the packaging and printing industry introduce more than 60 senior engineers through various channels. Among them are professors from famous universities. The town government holds a symposium for scientific and technological personnel every year to listen to their opinions and solve their difficulties so that they can work at ease

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