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Analysis on the development direction of low-voltage electrical equipment manufacturing technology

in recent years, there have been unprecedented development opportunities in the low-voltage electrical equipment industry. It is estimated that the annual newly installed capacity from 2001 to 2010 will be about 21gw. According to the calculation of experience matching ratio, about 480000 low-voltage frame circuit breakers and 4.82 million molded case circuit breakers are required every year. In addition, the State encourages the export of mechanical and electrical products, and the export volume has increased steadily. Therefore, the market capacity of low-voltage electrical appliances in China is huge, and it is in the rising stage, and the prospect is very optimistic

market pattern: domestic enterprises strive to promote the third generation products, but foreign countries have launched the fourth generation products

China's low-voltage electrical appliance industry has developed from simple assembly, imitation manufacturing to self-development and design. Now it has developed to nearly 1000 series, with about 1500 production enterprises and an annual output value of about 20billion people's dollars

however, the scale of domestic low-voltage electrical appliance production enterprises is small and the number is too large, and more than 90% of enterprises are in the repeated production of medium and low-grade products. It is suitable to do large quantities of experimental products. Three generations coexist. According to the output value, the market share of the first generation products is 15%, the market share of the second generation products is 45%, and the market share of the third generation products is 40%. According to the trend of national policies, the structure of low-voltage electrical products needs to be further adjusted in the future. Products with backward technology, large volume, high energy consumption and environmental pollution will be eliminated. It is expected that in 2010, the first generation products will be eliminated, the second generation products will become low-grade products, and the third generation products will gradually become medium-grade products

while we are accelerating the development of the third generation products and expanding the scope of product utilization to the market, a number of foreign famous low-voltage electrical appliance manufacturers have launched a new generation of products from the late 1990s to the early 21st century, including the MT series of Schneider company, the 3WL series of Siemens company, the E series of ABB company, the m-pact series of GE company, the magnum series of Kema company, etc; Molded case circuit breakers include Schneider NS series, Siemens 3VL series, abb Tmax series, GE recordplus series, Moeller nzm series, Kema G series, Mitsubishi WS series, etc. In addition to the features of high performance, electronization, intelligence, modularization, combination and miniaturization, the new generation of products also have the features of communication, high reliability, good maintenance performance and compliance with environmental protection requirements. In particular, the new generation of products can be connected with the fieldbus system to realize system networking, which has made a qualitative leap in the functions of low-voltage electrical products

new technology features: high performance, high reliability, intelligence, modularity and green environmental protection

high performance. The rated short-circuit breaking capacity and rated short-time withstand current are further improved, and ICU = ICs is realized. For example, the MT series products of Schneider company have the maximum operating short-circuit breaking capacity and limit short-circuit breaking capacity of 150ka

high reliability. In addition to requiring higher performance indicators, the product can be used without capacity reduction, and can be used for a long time at full capacity without overheating, so as to realize safe operation

intelligent. With the emergence of special integrated circuits and high-performance microprocessors, the circuit breaker realizes the intellectualization of the release, which greatly strengthens the protection function of the circuit breaker. It can realize the functions of overload long-time delay, short-circuit short-time delay, short-circuit instantaneous, grounding, undervoltage protection and so on. It can also display the voltage, current, frequency, active power, reactive power Power factor and other system operating parameters, and can avoid maloperation under the influence of high-order harmonics

fieldbus technology. The new generation of low-voltage electrical appliances can realize communication and networking, and can be connected with a variety of open Fieldbus for two-way communication, so as to realize the functions of remote control, remote signaling, telemetry and remote adjustment of electrical products. The application of fieldbus technology can not only monitor the distribution quality, but also reduce losses. Moreover, fieldbus technology can realize regional interlocking of multiple circuit breakers in the same area, realize the automation of distribution protection, and further improve the reliability of distribution system. PROFIBUS, MODBUS, DeviceNet, etc. are used in the field of industrial fieldbus, among which MODBUS and PROFIBUS have a greater impact

modularization and combination. It is the development direction of the new generation of products to combine different functional modules into modular products according to different needs. For example, Tmax series released by ABB can be interchanged with thermal magnetic release, electronic release and electronic communicable release. All accessories adopt modular structure and can be installed without opening the cover. Adopt green materials. The selection of product materials, manufacturing process and use process do not pollute the environment, and comply with the EU environmental protection directive

manufacturing technology: it aims to improve the level of various professional processes

the manufacturing of low-voltage electrical products involves a variety of professional processes, such as cold stamping, plastic molding, coil winding, contact welding, mold processing, SMT patch technology, etc., so the improvement of low-voltage electrical products manufacturing technology is inseparable from the improvement of these professional processes

high speed, automation and specialization of parts processing

stamping parts account for a large proportion of low-voltage electrical components, about 70%, so stamping parts processing plays an important role in the production of low-voltage electrical appliances. To improve the production efficiency and quality of stamping parts, it is imperative to adopt high-speed automatic punch and multi station progressive die

plastic parts are important parts of low-voltage electrical appliances. The company will also launch xdppstr-03lq19005 innovative lightweight material solution for the automotive industry, using full-automatic or semi-automatic thermoplastic or thermosetting injection molding machines and centralized feeding

automatic welding machinery is widely used. Its welding current, pressure and pulse cycle can be adjusted to keep the temperature controllable and ensure the welding strength

automatic assembly of parts

automatic assembly technology is adopted for key parts with large production batch and strict technical requirements, such as thermal magnetic release and control electrical iron core

product testing

production process testing equipment is the main gap between the manufacturing level of low-voltage electrical appliances in China and foreign countries, the main reason for affecting the stability and consistency of electrical quality, and also the direction of future technological development

domestic enterprises represented by Changshu switch manufacturing Co., Ltd. have developed CW2 series frame circuit breakers and cm2 Series Molded Case circuit breakers. Their technical level has completely reached the level of a new generation of products, and they have completely independent intellectual property rights. In 2005, Changshu will continue to devote itself to the research and development of intelligent and communicable electrical products, which will certainly shorten the gap between domestic enterprises and world-renowned enterprises

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