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Analysis on the development and application of digital innovation technology

manufacturing industry plays a decisive role in China's national economy. Manufacturing informatization is a major measure to implement the national "driving industrialization with informatization". Using digital innovation technology, we can establish product digital models, develop electronic drawing management and product data management, and carry out design, analysis, process planning and manufacturing based on digital product models, It is the inevitable trend of future development to carry out the integration and collaboration of design and manufacturing business based on product digital model and build a digital innovation system

I. preface

in today's era, the manufacturing industry is facing a market environment characterized by continuous pursuit of delivery speed, fierce price competition, and increasing demand for personalized customization. In order to adapt to the rapidly changing market environment, some domestic manufacturing enterprises have carried out the research and application of digital technology earlier, and carried out the transformation of production mode (from production to assembly according to order). Digital technology has been widely used in the process of product development, manufacturing and management

this paper summarizes some experiences in the practice of digital innovation of Anhui Forklift Group Company, a typical representative enterprise in the field of industrial vehicles in China. The measurement range of burst resistance is 250 ~ 5600kpa and summarized. At the same time, I hope to discuss and prospect the technical application of digital innovation of manufacturing enterprises with you

Second, the development process of manufacturing informatization

in the early 1970s, the western developed industrialized countries replaced manual drawing with two-dimensional CAD; In the 1980s, when the product structure became more and more complex, the expression of two-dimensional drawings had been difficult to meet the design requirements, and then three-dimensional CAD system appeared; In the 1990s, with the global economic integration and intensified competition in the manufacturing industry, only manufacturers who provide high-quality innovative products in the shortest time can obtain the greatest opportunities for survival and development. Therefore, DMU (Digital Prototype Technology), VPD (virtual product development), PLM (product lifecycle management) and other digital technologies based on 3D CAD came into being

the application of cad/cae/cam in China's manufacturing industry started relatively late. In the early 1990s, the national science and Technology Commission decided to use the vivid engineering goal of "drawing board" to realize the automation of drawing design as a breakthrough to promote the application of CAD technology, which has strongly promoted the process of informatization in China's manufacturing industry and laid a solid foundation for the subsequent transformation from traditional production to modern manufacturing

with the rapid rise of economic globalization and information industry, today, great changes have been initiated in the field of product innovation. Digital technologies such as CAD, CAE, cam, CAPP, PDM, EDA, RP and reverse engineering have been widely used in the manufacturing industry

the application of digital technology is mainly reflected in shortening the time to market of new products, increasing product varieties, quickly meeting customization needs, reducing product costs, improving product quality, reducing operating costs, improving customer relations, strengthening the management of suppliers, flattening institutions and other aspects, which greatly enhances the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises

III. macro policy guidance of manufacturing informatization

strengthening macro guidance, providing policy support and financial support, guiding resource sharing, experience sharing and knowledge sharing among enterprises, strengthening the establishment of enterprise (industry) alliances, saving the overall informatization cost of society, and building a harmonious and win-win social environment are the expectations of all manufacturing enterprises

the outline of the national medium and long term science and technology development plan (year), which has just been issued, will promote the informatization of manufacturing industry as the direction and important task of the development of manufacturing industry. It clearly lists vigorously promoting manufacturing informatization as one of the three major development ideas of the manufacturing industry, lists "digital (3) bio based chemical fibrosis and intelligent design and manufacturing" as the priority theme, and lists manufacturing informatization technology as the cutting-edge technology research direction

in order to implement the priority theme task of "digital and intelligent design and manufacturing", promote the informatization of manufacturing industry, improve the informatization level of group enterprises, backbone enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises, enhance the independent innovation ability and core competitiveness of manufacturing industry, and support China's scientific and technological independent innovation and economic and social development, The Ministry of science and technology also set up a major project of "manufacturing information or purchase maintenance box information project" in the national science and technology support plan of the eleventh five year plan. The purpose is to overcome the key technologies of manufacturing informatization according to the current situation and development needs of China's discrete manufacturing informatization; Implement integrated application and demonstration of digital design, manufacturing and management for key industries (group enterprises) and backbone enterprises; So as to improve the informatization level of group enterprises, backbone enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises, and enhance the independent innovation ability and core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry

IV. breakthrough point of digital innovation technology

4.1 take improving competitiveness as the goal

realize the integration of digital design and manufacturing, and improve product innovation ability; Realize the informatization of operation and management and improve the level of enterprise operation and management; Realize the integration of digital design and manufacturing and business management informatization, and realize business collaboration within the enterprise; So as to reduce product development costs, shorten product development cycle, improve product quality, reduce enterprise operating costs, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises

4.2 demand oriented

facing product innovation, combined with the strategic needs of enterprise informatization development, reasonably allocate enterprise information resources, take the enterprise group as the core, integrate the common needs of collaborative partners, suppliers and customers, and establish a digital enterprise integrated solution

4.3 take information technology as the support

■ build a support platform for digital innovation

build an integrated product innovation platform by building integrated product creation and simulation digitization (cad/cae), manufacturing and process digitization (CAPP), product innovation process management digitization (plm/pdm), production process management MES, and the implementation and application of advanced processing technology cam, Zigzag fixture realizes product development collaboration and full life cycle management at enterprise level and among enterprises

■ apply digital innovation methods and technologies

research product innovative design methods, collaborative design technology, rapid design technology, simulation and virtual design technology, intelligent design technology, design and manufacturing integration technology, network-based collaborative (remote) design technology, concurrent engineering, virtual manufacturing, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering and other technologies, using design methodology, modeling/simulation methodology, etc, It provides a strong support for enterprises to achieve product innovation

■ research on process oriented digital management

Research on enterprise oriented digital production organization mode system, modeling and simulation technology of manufacturing unit and manufacturing process, production resource management and optimal configuration technology, develop manufacturing execution system, realize information integration at the level of manufacturing execution, and support efficient, orderly and optimized operation of production process

■ adopt bottom-level digital manufacturing means

apply bottom-level digital equipment integrated with cad/cam, such as PLC and CNC based flexible manufacturing system FMS. FMS has two functions: processing and manufacturing and partial production management, so it can comprehensively improve production efficiency. The process scope of FMS can include blank manufacturing, machining, assembly and quality inspection. It can timely arrange the processing of required parts according to the needs of assembly operations, so as to achieve timely production, so as to reduce the inventory of blanks and products in process, and the corresponding amount of working capital, and shorten the production cycle; Improve the utilization rate of equipment and reduce the number of equipment and plant area; Reduce the direct labor force, realize 24-hour continuous "unmanned production" under the condition of few people, and improve the consistency of product quality

4.4 realize collaboration in the supply chain

realize the key technologies such as supply and demand collaborative resource management, production coordination management, business decision management and inter enterprise collaborative work and management mechanism in the enterprise level industrial chain, develop the inter enterprise business process collaborative management platform, and realize the collaborative and optimized operation of networking business among enterprises

4.5 based on the cultivation of talents

enterprises should pay special attention to the cultivation of informatization talents in the process of informatization construction, but it is more important to cultivate senior talents. Informatization is a systematic project, which requires a large number of compound senior talents with knowledge of information technology, enterprise management, project management, knowledge management and process management, In the process of project and information construction, it should be placed in a very important position to continuously cultivate and train such talents

v. conclusion

in China's manufacturing industry, digital innovation technology, after years of continuous investment and development, now has a relatively solid foundation. Especially in recent years, the country is actively guiding China's manufacturing industry to the road of independent innovation, and China's manufacturing industry is in an important strategic opportunity period of digital innovation. Digital innovation technology with information technology as the core has become the most effective way to solve the weak links in product development, mold design and product processing, and the key to improve product innovation ability and enterprise core competitiveness. It is also the key to realize the transformation from "made in China" to "created in China"


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