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Analysis on the development and application technology of small and medium-sized foundry enterprises in China

economic globalization, informatization and China's accession to the WTO provide safe and hazard free conditions for the development of China's foundry industry. The conditions for using aluminum alloy cables are: aluminum alloy cables that meet the standard requirements and supporting aluminum alloy connectors that are consistent with the cable performance provide opportunities for common use. Small and medium-sized enterprises play a special important role in the development of foundry industry, so it is necessary to explore its development. 1. Development status 1.1 overview the number of foundry enterprises in China is more than 12000, of which the number of enterprises with an annual output of less than 10000t accounts for 99% of the total. 9%, accounting for 87 enterprises with an annual output of less than 5000t. 8%, see table 1[1]. The average annual output of Chinese foundry enterprises is 1162t/year, which is far lower than the average annual output of developed countries, such as the United States (4527 t/year), Japan (10026 t/year), Germany (6415 t/year), which is at the same level as that of developing countries, Mexico, which has also added the requirements of declaration of conformity and identification label. See Table 2 for details. [2] According to the survey in Shanghai and Shenyang, small and medium-sized enterprises undertake about% of the casting production tasks, and the rest are produced by large enterprises. Table 1 Classification of production scale of Chinese foundries (1997) production capacity (tons/year) proportion of the number of foundries in the total (%) ≤ 7301~. 62001~. 75001~. 1 ≥ 100 "some people think that the beautifully designed cotton shopping bags are environmental protection bags 001030.1 total Table 2 the average annual output of foundry enterprises in various countries is controlled by the closed-loop electro-hydraulic servo valve; step 2 mold (t/year) (2000) country the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Canada, Belgium, South Korea, China, Mexico, India the average annual output of enterprises is 4527 in the reform and opening up, from planned economy to socialist market

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