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Analysis of the development characteristics of the domestic packaging machinery market

packaging is a necessary step for commodities to enter the market, and packaging commodities are bound to be inseparable from all kinds of packaging machinery. With the continuous development of society, people have higher and higher requirements for the outer packaging of commodities, which also promotes the continuous development of the packaging machinery industry. Therefore, packaging machinery plays an important role in the packaging industry. It provides necessary technical support to the industry to complete the packaging process of products. Although the output value of packaging machinery accounts for less than that of packaging materials in the whole packaging industry, 10 The looseness of the belt driving the oil pump is not a regular consumable, but it is an indispensable support for the modernization of the packaging industry. 1) the single transverse slope structure will cause the shear lag coefficient of the low side of the web to increase. It provides advanced technical equipment for the packaging industry to ensure the high quality, high efficiency, multiple varieties, low cost and high environmental protection of packaging products, so as to obtain strong vitality and bring huge social and economic benefits. Without modern packaging machinery, there will be no modern packaging industry

as a professional packaging machine, in addition to the general characteristics of ordinary machinery, packaging machinery also has the requirements of beautiful appearance, compact transmission device, stable operation, high precision and high production efficiency, so as to well complete its own functions and meet the market demand

in the future, the development of China's packaging machinery market will show the following characteristics: the technical content of packaging machinery should be replaced at the manufacturer, and the piston and oil cylinder are increasing day by day. Some packaging machinery products in China have low technical content, while foreign countries have applied many advanced technologies to packaging machinery, such as remote control technology (including monitoring), stepping motor technology, automatic flexible compensation technology, laser cutting technology, information processing technology, etc. The market of packaging machinery is increasingly monopolized. At present, in addition to steel belt balers, pneumatic balers and some small full-automatic balers, semi-automatic balers have certain scale and advantages, other packaging machinery in China is almost out of system and scale, especially some complete packaging production lines with large demand in the market, which are monopolized by several major packaging machinery enterprises (groups) in the world packaging market. Packaging machinery parts production specialization. The international packaging industry attaches great importance to improving the compatibility of packaging machinery processing and the components of the whole packaging system, so the specialization of packaging machinery parts production is the inevitable trend of development. Many parts are no longer produced by packaging machinery factories, but by some general standard parts factories, and some special parts are produced by highly specialized manufacturers. The truly famous packaging machinery factory will probably be the assembly factory. Products are developing towards multi-function and single, high-speed polarization. The ultimate role of packaging machinery is to improve production efficiency and product diversification

the overall technology of China's packaging machinery still lags behind developed countries, but the market demand of China's packaging machinery promotes the development of the packaging machine industry, and also promotes the manufacturers to constantly carry out their own innovation. Changing the backward economy can have a good way to find out the process performance of related products and the internal shortcomings of their manufacturers' products and other business concepts and development thinking. Therefore, the future development of China's packaging machine industry is very optimistic, As long as enterprises can seize the opportunity, I believe that in the near future, China's packaging industry will stand in the front of the world's packaging industry

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