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Application of carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites in automobiles

patents not only protect innovative intellectual property rights, but also provide objective big data for industry development. By analyzing and comparing the big patent data at home and abroad, the author analyzed the current hot carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites, and summarized the application of carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites in automobiles

carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites (CFRTP)

advanced carbon fiber reinforced plastics and thermoplastic composites are one of the fastest growing high-tech frontier technologies in the field of International Composites in recent years. They are a new kind of high-performance, green and environment-friendly material that domestic and foreign scientific research departments and material enterprises have invested a lot of money and manpower to carry out research, development and application

1000w carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite (CFRTP) wind turbine blade

multi component, multiphase Multi scale macro and (sub) micro composite forming processes (physical and chemical processes) are used to prepare new CFRTP materials with complex structures and properties, and intelligent, automated and efficient design and precision production and manufacturing of composite fine structures and predetermined properties can be carried out according to product requirements, so that carbon fiber composites can achieve different physical, chemical, mechanical and special functions, Thus, all kinds of CFRTP composite products have the significant advantages of large design freedom, stable size, low warpage, fatigue resistance, aging resistance, creep resistance and so on. CFRTP can partly replace expensive engineering plastics and CFRP products, as well as light metal materials (such as aluminum magnesium alloys)

cfrtp has the following outstanding characteristics: low density (1..60g/cm3), high strength, good impact toughness, good fatigue resistance, recyclable recycling, fast processing and forming, and low manufacturing cost

led display screen carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite (CFRTP) monomer module support

is mainly divided into three types: (1) short cut carbon fiber (SCF) reinforced CFRTP; (2) Long carbon fiber (LCF) reinforced CFRTP; (3) Continuous carbon fiber (CCF) reinforced CFRTP, including unidirectional carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic prepreg CFRTP, carbon reinforced pre communication, in-process reconciliation and post inspection fiber polyphase and multi angle woven fabric (cloth) reinforced CFRTP. Various types of CFRTP have different mechanical properties and functional characteristics, and have been developed and applied to various forms of products or products in different fields and industries

electric vehicle carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites (CFRTP) fender parts (injection molded parts)

advanced carbon fiber composites (including CFRP and CFRTP) have brought outstanding advantages to the automobile and parts manufacturing industry, which can be reflected in:

(1) lightweight: the most direct impact of automobile lightweight is the improvement of energy saving, acceleration and braking performance. The vehicle weight is reduced by 10%, the fuel consumption is reduced by 6~8%, the emission is reduced by 5~6%, the km/h acceleration is improved, and the braking distance is shortened by 2~7m

(2) safety: the lightweight body can make the center of gravity of the whole vehicle move down, improve the handling stability of the vehicle, make the vehicle run more safe and stable, have excellent energy absorption rate, and the collision energy absorption capacity is six to seven times that of steel and three to four times that of aluminum, which further ensures the safety of the vehicle

(3) comfort: it has higher vibration damping. It takes 9 seconds for the light alloy to stop vibration, and 2 seconds to stop vibration. It also contributes greatly to the improvement of NVH (noise, vibration and sound vibration roughness) of the whole vehicle, which will greatly enhance the comfort of the vehicle

(4) reliability: it has higher fatigue strength. The fatigue strength of steel and aluminum is% of the tensile strength, up to%, and the fatigue reliability of materials has been greatly improved

(5) improve the body development level: the designability is stronger than that of metal, so it is easier to develop the "platform, modularization and integration" of the body. The hybrid body structure of car body and metal platform can greatly reduce the types of parts, tooling investment and development cycle for the traditional car body structure. Especially for new energy automobile enterprises, the body can not only save the investment in stamping and welding production lines, dies and fixtures, reduce the proportion of fixed assets in capital, optimize the enterprise asset allocation structure, but also have more influence on market publicity

throughout the application layout of Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi and other high-end brand automobile enterprises in the product line, it can be predicted that the application of CFRTP new materials in automobiles will inevitably become the future development direction

domestic and foreign patent big data

the carbon fiber and composite industry is a strategic and basic new material industry, and also a key field of international high-tech competition. Compared with foreign developed countries, the domestic technology of this industry is relatively backward, and the overall level of industrial development is low

by using Hexiang Huizhi Information Technology Inc, which has strict regulations on the types, quantities and tolerances of environmental factors, OPAT large database platform (including 120million patents from 105 countries, regions and organizations around the world) has retrieved patent achievements and original core patent influencing factors of the development and application of carbon fiber (CF) reinforced plastics and thermoplastic composites (CFRTP) in the past 30 years, Countries all over the world pay more and more attention to the research, development and application of new CFRTP materials and products

the specific performance is as follows:

(1) in recent years, cfrtp1 Qc/t211 ⑴ 996 "test method for light alloy wheels of motorcycles and mopeds" has significantly increased the variety of new materials, but the original core patents are basically from abroad, especially the patents applied by foreign enterprises are the latest, most core and most original high-tech patents, with a wide range of protection

(2) the component design and manufacturing technology for the lightweight application of CFRTP with "lighter, stronger and more environmentally friendly" has become a major trend in the future development of the international new material industry

the new CFRTP materials and Application Patents declared abroad tend to be more and more civil products, and are widely used in the industry. Among the domestic applied new material patents of CFRTP, there are basically no original core patents, and there are significantly fewer product application patents

from the analysis and investigation of patent big data, it can be clearly found that the largest number of CFRTP and application core patents is Japan Toray Co., Ltd. (company), accounting for about%; Followed by Mitsubishi Liyang, Toho and Teijin companies, accounting for about%; SGL and BASF in Germany account for about%; Hatch and cyanate companies in the United States account for about%; British and French companies account for about%; However, the number of core patents held by Chinese universities, Chinese Academy of Sciences, new scientific and technological materials and enterprises accounts for about%, and the number of applied core patents is basically absent

in general, in the field of new materials and applications of CFRTP, China's industrialization is still backward, so we must increase the investment of people, money and materials to catch up with the development level of foreign countries as soon as possible

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