Application of the hottest central control DCS sys

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The central control DCS system was successfully put into operation in the "95000 ton chemical pulp project" of Bohui paper. On June 16, the 95000 ton chemical pulp project of Shandong Bohui Paper Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Bohui paper) undertaken by the engineering branch of Central Control Technology Co., Ltd. and using the central control ECS-100 DCS system was put into operation for one month, and the overall operation of the system was stable

the DCS control points of the 95000 ton chemical pulp project of Bohui paper are 588.4 points, reaching about 4000 points. The process control requirements are strict, the process is complex, and there are many equipment, so the safety requirements of the system are very high. The washing and bleaching process is a complete set of process introduced from Metso Paper Machinery Co., Ltd., including section removal, screening, oxygen removal, bleaching, chemical preparation, etc. Preparation of chlorine dioxide for bleaching is provided by ERCO worldwide in Canada. 2. It seems that there is little difference between hydraulic jaw and ordinary jaw and equipment; The oxygen removal and bleaching section not only has strict temperature and pressure control requirements, but also has extremely complex process safety interlock; The safety requirements for the preparation of chlorine dioxide, the accurate analog quantity control, the precautions for the use of the fast rubber tensile strength tester and the interlocking response requirements of the characteristics put forward higher requirements for the engineering implementation of the DCS system

to better serve the customer. With the joint efforts of users and foreign equipment manufacturers, the project started smoothly within the planned construction period. The stable operation of the system and the professional and efficient engineering services have been highly praised by users and foreign equipment manufacturers. The successful start-up and operation of the project once again proved the industrial advantages and engineering implementation ability of central control in the engineering implementation of the paper industry; Once again, it is proved that the domestic DCS system can be used in the process and equipment of the internationally renowned companies introduced in the paper industry to achieve satisfactory application results

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