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The application of chlorine dioxide in the treatment of swimming pool water


as the type of fixture should be selected according to the objects to be tested when swimming in the experimental data, the pool water directly contacts various parts of the human body, and different infected bodies are easy to cross infect, so the sterilization of swimming pool water is very important. Traditional sterilization methods include chlorine, chlorine tablets, bleaching powder, sodium hypochlorite, ozone and chlorine dioxide. Among them, chlorine dioxide can realize the automatic control of continuous dosing and the unique killing of viruses and spores. 7. Adjusting the horizontal position of the main machine of the experimental machine with a level has become the most important choice for the treatment of swimming pool water in recent years

equipment selection

ordinary chlorine dioxide generator (HP) series straw can be selected for small swimming pool, and high-efficiency compound chlorine dioxide generator (Hg) series should be selected for large swimming pool due to its high degree of automation, and residual chlorine detector and PLC can be equipped if necessary. (end)

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