Application of the hottest CID font in PDF process

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Application of CID font in PDF process

cid format is the latest font format published by Adobe company in the United States. It has the characteristics of easy expansion, fast speed, good compatibility, simplicity and flexibility. It has become a hot spot in the development of Chinese font in China, and also provides users with better quality and more fonts

cid (character identifier) is the character identification code, which is divided into cidfont and CMAP table. Cidfont file is the total character set, which includes all commonly used characters in a specific language. These characters are sorted, and the real sequence number arranged in the total character set is the CID identification code (index) of the name characters; The CMAP (character map) table is the character mapping file, which maps the character code to the CID identification code (index) of the character. The CD font library is completely designed for the large character set market. The basic process is as follows: first, find the index in the cmao table according to the code, and then find the corresponding font data in the cidfont file

with the advent of the digital and networking era, it has brought new opportunities and challenges to the traditional publishing and printing industry. The digital workflow makes it possible to improve production efficiency, improve operation management and expand business. In this case, the digital workflow based on PDF is ready to emerge. The full name of PDF is portable document format, which means portable file format in Chinese. Pdf digital workflow system takes PDF file as the intermediate format of data transmission and is integrated into the computer. Pdf has the characteristics of embedded graphics and text, reliable, open, suitable for network transmission and suitable for high-end printing. Postscript files generated by the typesetting software are converted into PDF files by the normalizer in the process. These PDF files have embedded all Chinese and Western Font information and high-resolution pictures in postscript files, and will never waste film or plate materials because of missing pictures or text information on the page. Through the adobeacrobat tool, these PDF files can be correctly previewed on PC platform, Mac platform, Chinese environment and non Chinese environment, and errors in the output page can be found as soon as possible. This is very useful for customers in printing plants and output centers to proofread pages

the schematic diagram of the whole PDF digital workflow is as follows:

it can be seen from this schematic diagram that PDF can go through three ways from generation to output:

path 1: the embedded anisotropy and fracture failure of the text part are different from those of traditional materials. In the front end, atmcid font is embedded into PDF files through PageMaker, illustrator and other typesetting software, and CID font is embedded into PDF files through normalizer. The generated PDF instrument operator shall carefully browse and understand the protection and maintenance documents of the cold and heat shock testing machine, which can be transmitted to the corresponding rip through the Internet or other media for interpretation. Therefore, the precision of CID fonts embedded in PDF files directly determines the precision of rip output

approach 2: users can use atmcid font through PageMaker, illustrator and other typesetting software. The generated postscript file can directly generate PDF documents through relevant programs, and the atmcid font is embedded in PDF documents. Because the atmcid font is used in the front end, the accuracy is not very high, and there are generally restrictions. If the output quality requirements are not very high, the output can be directly downloaded through the corresponding rip

path 3: if the user has high requirements for output quality, the PDF document generated by path 2 can be embedded into the PDF file through the normalizer to achieve high-precision output

what are the advantages of CID font over traditional TrueType font

(1) easy to expand

it is easy to add more character sets and codes to the existing CID font. Font developers can first create a basic character set, and then add a larger number of words to adapt to the larger market to meet the needs of different users

(2) fast speed

print on the existing printer in a compatible way. The speed of the CID font library is equivalent to that of the OCF font library. However, on the postscript interpreter that directly supports the CID font library in the future, the speed can be accelerated by 50%, realizing the efficient processing of documents, thus meeting the needs of enterprises with large business volume

(3) compatibility

since the font description unit in all CID font libraries adopts the standard typel format, it can be compatible with most operating systems, application software and output devices to span different platforms, such as Macintosh, windows and UNIX. PDF processes based on Intranet have higher requirements for compatibility

(4) the simple

cid font format greatly reduces the number of font files, from hundreds of files in the OCF font to only one, reducing the storage capacity by about 15%, making the production, installation and debugging of the font relatively easy

(5) high quality

in addition to maintaining the original typel prompt information, black-and-white control prompt is added to strengthen the control of Chinese, Japanese and Korean with complex strokes

(6) anti theft version

cid font is essentially a postscript program, which is protected by copyright. It is easy to install anti-theft protection on CID font

The above features of the

cid font meet many requirements of the PDF digital workflow and are highly practical

if there are errors in the preview page or the file needs to be modified before rip output, the following methods can be adopted:

1. If a small number of text errors are found in the generated PDF file, they can be modified directly on adobeacrobat. However, because adobeacrobat cannot transport PDF files arbitrarily, it is expensive and inconvenient to modify them, and major changes still need to go back to the typesetting software

2. Before rip output, as long as there is a CID font, the corresponding PDF file can be modified without sending it back to the sending end for modification, which can greatly improve the work efficiency

at present, founder general CID font has passed the test, and it supports any rip and various PS printers. Elecroc workflow management system is a digital workflow example product independently developed by Founder Electronics Co., Ltd. of Peking University. It is mainly used in Chinese publishing and printing enterprises, commercial printing enterprises, plate making output centers and other actual production environments. It can fully reveal the conditions of small and medium-sized tests and meet the new needs of users in the network era. We believe that the combination of Founder CID font and founder Changliu will bring you an overall improvement in efficiency, quality, management and benefit

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