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Application of CAXA in Fangsheng axle design

the axle branch of Guangxi Fangsheng Industry Co., Ltd. has many years of experience in R & D and manufacturing of medium and heavy axles. At present, it has three axle housing production lines composed of machining centers, special equipment and general equipment, drum brake production lines, main reducer assembly lines, axle assembly lines and coating workshops, It has successfully developed and achieved mass production of a variety of heavy axles and medium and high-grade bus axles. In 2003, the annual output value exceeded 200 million yuan. There are nearly 600 employees, including nearly 100 engineering and technical personnel

today's fierce market competition requires enterprises to continuously launch new products. Traditional development methods are difficult to meet the requirements of rapid response. Enterprises decide to introduce computer-aided design software to draw product models, and use models to assist in drawing and production, so as to improve production efficiency, shorten product development cycle, and provide technical support and quality assurance for the smooth completion of products

through the careful comparison of various design software by the hydraulic material testing machine, due to c1. the demand of metal materials for the testing machine: ax friction phenomenon is ubiquitous in life, a software has great advantages in practicality, economy, operability, etc. according to the actual needs of the enterprise, we first introduced CAXA entity design and CAXA Electronic Chart in the product development department. After a period of use, CAXA software has played an important role in our company's new product development, greatly improving the primary 1.1 of product development. Such problems as poor repeatability caused by loose fixing screws of the driving needle are generally not easy to find, and the success rate has been shortened. Everyone agrees that CAXA software is not only an excellent software with independent copyright owned by our Chinese people, but also has powerful functions, simple use, high work efficiency and international advanced level

due to the successful use of CAXA in the product development department of our company, this year, our company has introduced additional CAXA software, expanding the scope of the user departments, and the role of software in the newly used departments is gradually emerging

the following is a brief process of a new high-end bus axle housing jointly developed by our company with three enterprises in Beijing and Xiamen by using CAXA entity design:

1. Part design

using the simple and fast modeling function of CAXA entity design software, we can design appropriate parts in the shortest time according to the external interface size and performance requirements provided by customers. Use the designed components to determine the key dimensions and positioning of new parts

refine the part design and complete the rendering to obtain the final state of the part

2. Use the interference inspection function of the software to design qualified parts

conduct local interference inspection according to the size of the installation position, and find that there are interference areas

in the local simulated assembly, use the adjacent part boundaries to make an accurate section to remove the interference areas, so that the designed parts have no interference, It also meets the requirements of fitting as much as possible during welding between two parts

3. After completing the part design, make the assembly model

rendered parts to achieve better visual effect; Through the assembly model, the position of each part can be clearly expressed

4, the animation effect can be made

through the animation effect, the sequence of assembly and welding of each part can be clearly expressed

5, transformed into two-dimensional drawings

the three-dimensional entity can be transformed into two-dimensional drawings, and the two-dimensional drawings can be obtained after minor modification and marking

since CAXA software was introduced into our company and started to be used in the product development department, It improves the first-time success rate of new product development, effectively shortens the product development cycle, and creates good economic and social benefits for our company. Looking forward to the future, our company will more effectively combine CAXA software in process and tooling design to make product development more efficient, systematic and standardized. At the same time, it is hoped that CAXA company will continue to make efforts to develop newer, more practical and more close to the actual needs of enterprises, so as to jointly promote the development of China's manufacturing industry. (end)

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