It's better to send a car of iphone6 to the ditch

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Recently, Weiyi customization has completely lost "human reason": the iphone6 issued at the franchisee summit actually uses the hotel cart

the year-end bonus is approaching, and many workers are looking forward to it

"will you have a year-end bonus this year?" A reporter launched a survey on the forum. 17% of netizens said "yes", 77% of netizens said "no", and 6% of netizens were not sure whether there would be a year-end bonus

don't be happy too early if you have a year-end bonus. The key to "trench" is whether the year-end bonus is more or less, and whether the year-end bonus is a large piece or a part. See a lot of crazy year-end bonuses, such as warm water bags? toilet paper? Less than 1000 yuan in cash? Of course, there is a full set of equipment of Warcraft! Looking at it, people gnash their teeth, throw the paper and shout: animals are not as good as animals! The promised high welfare

but I'm afraid that you guys and sisters can't stand it once the "beast" breaks out. Recently, Weiyi customization made Xiaobian completely lose his "human reason": the iphone6 issued at the franchisee summit actually used the hotel cart

caused netizens to "ask for work" and "ask for maintenance". Iphone6 is nothing new at the end of the year, but compared with giving away one or two iphone6 and giving away four or five iphone6, it's always too dazzling and frustrating, but it's really rare to give away a car with such a large amount of money as Weiyi

of course, the iphone6 of this car is not sent to employees, but to Weiyi franchisees with good performance in the past year

everyone is sprinting hard, and the year-end reward for the company is said to be upgraded to an imported sports car next year

rather than envy others, it's better to quickly change to a big company with year-end trench awards, change an iphone6 without spending a dime, and sell beautiful three aunts and six aunts in the new year, classmates' girlfriends. For us, "envy, you have to have", I advise you to change jobs quickly





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