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Common quality problems and cause analysis of solid wood floor laying

1. Uneven board surface (should be ≤ 2mm/m)

uneven ground

poor ground strength, sinking

keel is not pulled and leveled

keel is not nailed or fixed

large gasket with inferior artificial board

improper maintenance of ground plate

foam floor mat overlap

2 Tile like (should be ≤ 0.3mm/m) the ground is uneven

the keel is not dry

the rough floor is not dry

the back groove of the floor is too shallow, the board surface is too wide

laying with water containing adhesive

arching floor blisters

the floor is too dry, the moisture content is too low

laying is too tight

no expansion joints are left on the edges

3 The gap is too large (should be ≤ 2mm) and the moisture content of the floor is higher than the local equilibrium moisture content

the floor is too wide

the laying is too tight

the floor is processed with large and small ends

the laying is too loose

the floor is applied with adhesive in the mortise and groove, and the shrinkage joint is concentrated

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